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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Introduces the processing maintenance knowledge and advantages of cosmetics < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 07 - 03 11:40:50 < / p> small make up for the first generation of processing cosmetics said skin maintenance knowledge: how to stay up late to attentive caress his delicate skin? The skin is delicate, all want to care, but many people will stay up for some reason, stay up late is bad for the skin, but how to stay up late the skin care? Drink water to the skin for skin, not to drink. Bedtime if with hydrating essence, moisturizing effect could have doubled. Hydrating essence of hyaluronic acid in the composition can make the skin water dangdang, glycolic acid can improve dry skin and white, rich in antioxidant formula ( Such as vitamin A) Can let skin limpid light and slow aging. Day, show, cosmetics OEM, if you don't wash a face directly with the effect of hydrating essence is not good, so the cleansing is the first step. 'I am great beauty' founder Gu Fang eye cream, eye cream, or eye frost even if you get into bed before 9 o 'clock, remember, also must use eye cream. Eye ministry skin is the most thin face, so want to get rid of the eye bag, black rim of the eye and fine lines, enough sleep alone is not enough, also want to rely on eye cream to resist the years trace. The summer wear sandals, easy to breed the feet thick cutin and calluses, swab with pumice regularly in shower, and then apply a thick layer of foot cream, wear ShangMian socks to bed again. Next, you can be in the second day early in the morning with a pair of tender feet. This method is also used in both hands, you can also add a few drops of essential oil in the foot cream, tea tree oil essence oil can inhibit bacteria, for example, can also help against fungi, kill two birds with one stone. Say goodbye and blain blain sleep oil secretion will be more productive, so you can use some methods to fight blain blain is active. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer recommendations, use contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or zinc products, they can inhibit oil secretion, and in your sleeping of time continue to work for up to six hours at a time. Give a kiss lips to eye lip scrub ( Or soft toothbrush can also be used) Brush the lips to remove dead skin, and then apply a layer of lip balm go to sleep, like to sleep at a kiss to your lips. Advantage: (generation processing cosmetics 1) Save the investment to build factories, save troublesome management, save for the agent to be restricted, the list of goods by the market demand, improve the market reaction speed, quickly occupy the advantageous space in market competition, gain a competitive advantage. ( 2) Strong regional processing customers, product formula for an area of special needs specially designed, made it possible to personalized products, easy to meet the needs of the consumers. ( 3) Develop some new special product requires special mechanical equipment, initial investment risk is bigger, and have many customers cosmetics OEM companies to spread the risk, low cost to implement new product development.
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