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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Cosmetics factory in wenzhou, me wash my face skin self-preservation mechanism < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 12 - 11 15:07:44 < / p> believes that many baby every time after washing a face feel face super white, but after a period of time will be an heavy color of skin, actually this phenomenon belongs to the normal reaction, because of evaporation + oil secretion lead to skin dark heavy, is a kind of self protection mechanism of the skin. On this phenomenon, the reason has two aspects: 1, had just finished washing the face, the skin cutin moisture content increased. Water content increase will enhance the transmission of light, will naturally give somebody else feel white a lot; Ten minutes after cutin moisture will evaporate to normal levels, look at this time will return to normal; Then began an heavy. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou to remind here, but specially hydrating, too much is bad for the skin. 2, oil secretion. After washing a face, facial moisture will evaporate, and sebaceous glands can trigger the self-adjustment mechanism, oil glands. And oil is pale yellow, dark yellow is inevitable. After washing a face if you want to keep the state of juicy, use a little wet type on the other hand cream, and you didn't wash a face without makeup day barely out of condition. Finally, cosmetics factory in wenzhou told here, fat oxidation automatically, if there are any cases of ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, which can produce free radicals, and free radicals can form melanin. So want to whiten, attention should be paid to the secrete sebum.
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