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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Cosmetics processing fine work introduces adverse reactions cause analysis and abnormal performance < p> 2018 - cosmetic processing 08 - 15 18:04:39 < / p> cosmetics processing fine work parsing reactions generally refers to people in daily life caused by the use of cosmetics and skin and appendages of adverse reactions. Such as itching, or tingling, skin erythema, papules, desquamation, mucous membrane, pigmentation, hair and nails appear damage, etc. Cause analysis: the reason of cosmetics adverse reactions mainly have two aspects, one is itself the cause of the cosmetics, including the use of cosmetics or improper selection, the quality of the cosmetics, or the content of impurities of heavy metals, microbial contamination, chemical toxicity of stimulation and the side effects of drugs, etc. On the other hand also and the user's individual quality sensitivity has a lot to do. And the adverse reaction is mainly manifested in the skin, light person only self-conscious symptom without obvious skin lesions, performance for sensitive skin. Is the person that weigh appear obvious skin lesions characterized by all kinds of cosmetic dermatology. Abnormal performance: 1, cosmetic contact dermatitis. Cosmetics cause irritation or allergic contact dermatitis, accounted for 70% ~ 90% of cosmetic dermatology. 2, of photosensitive dermatitis induced by cosmetics. Caused by the combination of ingredients in cosmetics and light toxicity or light allergic dermatitis. 3, cosmetic skin pigment abnormalities. Contact local or its neighboring parts of the cosmetics or chronic abnormal pigment mutation in cosmetic contact dermatitis, after the retreat of photosensitive dermatitis induced by local legacy skin pigmentation or pigment loss. Consumers if the similar situation, suggest to immediately stop using cosmetics and timely to professional hospital. 4, cosmetics, hair loss. After the application of cosmetics of hair dry, decoloring, broken, bifurcate, deformation or fall off, Does not include the special use for the purpose of depilatory cosmetics) 。 5, cosmetics acne. After a certain period of time contact cosmetics, in local acne skin lesions. 6, cosmetic damage. A strip caused by long-term use of cosmetics, a softening, a crisp, and a week dermatitis, etc. Response: 1, immediately stop using suspicious of cosmetics, and remove the residue on the skin as soon as possible. 2, light person can be cold, relieve skin irritation; The person that weigh to the dermatologist treatment in time, take a suspicious of cosmetics for skin patch test. 3, don't trust & other; Red is the body & lsquo; Gas & lsquo; Discharged & throughout; Such as science, cannot be used in the absence of medical license beauty salon drugs, such as injection treatment.
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