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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Introduces a cosmetics customers how to avoid risk of OEM brand < p> 2018 - of OEM brand cosmetics 08 - 09 17:38:07 < / p> general cosmetics OEM OEM customers in choosing cosmetics OEM processing, there is usually no communication with each related products supporting manufacturers, lead to products out of the effect is far less than expected. To risk. On the packaging, for example, as the OEM customers, in his book packaging, their subjective consciousness will choose more novel and unique packaging, hope that through this kind of packaging to attract consumers. OEM customers generally exist the following error: they often choose in packaging design & other; Private mould & throughout; And don't use on the market see male die, mould opening their ills lies in the cycle is long, the mould is difficult, high risk and high investment, the influence of packaging design on consumer not to be pleasing to the eye, novel and unique this request on the packaging design, colour collocation is more important than to choose private mould. They take it for granted that after packing order, there is no problem, and ignoring the packaging and whether the product itself. For example: a bottle of shower nozzle, and water, emulsion products, guests do not know the nozzle is not universal, and should choose according to different products of different nozzle; Such as, stickers, stick on the cartons, bottles, plastic bottles on their respective viscosity requirements are not the same. And at the request of the different flat and oval shape is different; Bottle of screen printing is also a link, the risk of silk at low temperature and high temperature printing in OEM processing will have different ways of disinfection, which requires the guest know the detailed requirements. Have their own biological science and technology team of experts and research and development base, business scope covers professional cosmetics research and development, production, sales and OEM/ODM processing; And to rely on independent research and development of cloud computing technology to build and created a cloud platform, Internet marketing, to provide cloud computing services and enterprise planning consulting services; Response to a national brand plan for training more small and medium-sized enterprises provide entrepreneurial guidance and venture investment. Goal is to 2020, become the first-class enterprise in China.
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