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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Editrice cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer to GMPC certification reason < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 08 - 23 17:53:05 < / p> GMPC certification ( Cosmetic good manufacturing practices) Was enacted by the FDA in 1992 to regulate rules of the cosmetics industry production. Are prescribed in the GMPC certification cosmetics shall be safe and effective drug and have proper identification, the identification consists of instructions, side effects and matters needing attention, the method of use. In the later evolution, GMPC start for ban shoddy, 3 without the rules of the cosmetics. So foreign cosmetics are should pass GMPC certification, domestic powerful cosmetics OEM factory will have GMPC certification. The rapid development of the cosmetics industry lead to the development of the machining branded cosmetics industry, so cosmetics OEM industry is also in focus. A powerful cosmetics OEM factory, must have GMPC certification, GMPC certification of cosmetics co-packer hardware, facilities, environmental sanitation, personnel and management system and so on have strict requirements, so cosmetics processing customers find the co-packer must find with GMPC certification, such as cosmetics OEM factory in wenzhou by GMPC certification early. In addition, cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer by GMPC certification, can with good quality product quality, reduce the risk of the company's products recycling and reduce the risk of damage after consumers use, at the same time can increase the competitiveness of the products. GMPC certification not only bring cosmetics co-packer products, factory facilities improve, also promote the enterprise strength; Also increase product guarantee for cosmetics and processing customers, can in the cosmetics industry to maintain a high degree of market competitiveness, in numerous powerful brands stand out. Not by GMPC certification cosmetics OEM manufacturers, their products are not allowed to enter the foreign market, so domestic many OEM cosmetics factory in preparation for GMPC certification. Uphold the efforts to improve enterprise's strength, to the achievement of national brand to the strong enterprise mission, fully for national enterprises to create the most market competitive products, do full support for national enterprises at home and abroad markets.
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