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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Has commissioned cosmetics OEM factory processing product safety issues < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 27 17:11:45 < / p> a lot of people don't understand of cosmetics OEM, the in the mind will have a question, is it safe to entrust cosmetics OEM processing factory processing? Product quality pass? Cosmetics factory can tell the answer to these questions, wenzhou, regular cosmetics OEM is completely safe, quality no problem completely. Many international famous brands and cosmetics OEM processing factory cooperation, such as lancome, shu uemura, kans, appearance, the sparrow gazelles, kans, hundred rough market, high boots, estee lauder, Watson, dior, lancome, chanel, armani, appearance, etc. , including some big brands have their own processing plants, some products are commissioned cosmetics factory in wenzhou. Now is the world's industrialized era, in this era, & other; Efficient & throughout; Is the subject, and & other; Efficient & throughout; Is a professional in advance. Because of this, many enterprises focus on marketing, and not involved in the production, and derived the co-packer. In the cosmetics industry, a lot of cosmetics brands have cosmetics OEM factory cooperation, produce their own brand of products. Do you feel surprised, thought it was a brand to produce yourself? And today you want to refresh their knowledge interface. See so much brand products are commissioned cosmetics OEM processing, can explain the cosmetics OEM processing can be done, but also guarantee the quality and safety, but the premise is to choose a formal, cosmetics OEM cooperation with strength. In addition, the current laws and regulations and supervision of the food and drug administration to the cosmetics market is very strict, primarily for consumer protection rights and interests, maintain the order of the cosmetics market, & other; 2 the unity & throughout; And for the record update is the best indication of specification file.
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