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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Editrice choose cosmetics co-packer note < p > 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 08 - 21 17:57:25 < / p > the cosmetics industry production is production and processing is the most popular, in the years since the national crackdown no qualification of cosmetics OEM factory, but still a lot of cosmetics co-packer. So? To pick on co-packers for cosmetics, cosmetics processing customers should pay attention to what? 1. Choosing cosmetics co-packer soft power, not only to look at the hard power of the factory, or the soft power of the factory. Soft power including product design and playing ability, storage capacity, late delivery capabilities and production capacity can keep up with the order quantity and so on. These soft power services can be guaranteed in the customer before and after the product production and processing, can let the customer from a series of complicated things, concentrate on selling products. 2. Processing qualifications cosmetics production and processing power of the brand in the industry and consumer groups is about reputation and credibility, so be careful in choosing cosmetics factory in wenzhou, processing of qualification is the strength of the cosmetic co-packer performance, not only to have the new cosmetics production license ( 2 certificate one) , but also passed the GMPC and ISO quality certification, such cosmetics co-packer on the sources of raw materials and production process has strict requirements, to ensure the safety of the quality of your products. 3. Research and development ability cosmetics production and processing is to customize products according to customer's requirements, so research and development ability decide the height of the factory. Customers in the use of samples, the skin feeling, efficacy, and scent of product are not satisfied, have the strength of cosmetics production plant can be adjusted according to the customers at any time, at the same time, the technology research and development staff of the factory will give customers some feedback information about them in the market to collect back summary of advice, help customers make good cosmetics.
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