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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Cosmetics processing factory has analyzed antiperspirants and breast cancer < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 07 - 26 14:33:27 < / p> first, cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer to introduce some basic information: the food and drug administration ( FDA) Antiperspirants are classified as over-the-counter drugs, and has built a monograph, classification provides guidelines for this & ndash; The FDA's OTC antiperspirant monograph. Monograph has been clear about the can be used as a antiperspirant active ingredient of all kinds of aluminium salts. Contemporary anti-perspirant formulas of the most commonly used formula including hydroxyl aluminum chloride, four GLY GLY and cross-linked with hydroxyl aluminum hydroxy aluminium chloride. Aluminum salt and moisture in the skin reaction form & other The plug & throughout; , temporarily banned sweat glands, and help to reduce sweat. A support antiperspirants and assumption is that the association between breast cancer these & other; The plug & throughout; To prevent the formation of the body of toxins, toxin accumulation in the lymph nodes, eventually lead to cancer. The assumption that the article published in the American cancer society 1 get a response, the article explains the lymph node will not sweat. Get rid of toxins, because the lymph nodes are not attached and sweat glands. Using antiperspirants core of the thesis will increase the risk of breast cancer is the aluminum salt can penetrate the armpits, accumulated in mammary gland cells, the effect of eventually lead to cancer. Studies, dermal absorption of aluminum results show that the lowest healthy skin absorption. A research report 0. 012% of the aluminum is absorbed. Cosmetics processing manufacturers, however, another study found that aluminum receptor in damaged skin absorption increases. These results presented frequent underarm shaving scraping and antiperspirant combinations will increase the risk of breast cancer. According to the results of a study, does not seem to be so, the study found that in shaving subjects did not increase risk of breast cancer.
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