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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Have introduced the strength of cosmetics co-packer < p> 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 11 - 27 11:57:12 < / p> 80% of the brands are now choosing cosmetics manufacturer OEM production cooperation, for brands, choose a generation of processing plant is very important, powerful cosmetics factory decided the cosmetic effect, cost, delivery speed, product research and development and so on. How to know cosmetics manufacturer co-packer have power? Must visit, in this way can we truly understand the strength of the factory. What we need to know the factory? 1, see the factory equipment and factory production equipment and environment can be on behalf of the factory capability, cosmetics OEM processing, in particular, need to have a professional production of cosmetics machine, also need a clean environment, after all, cosmetics production conditions are more strict. 2, understand the production workshop and production staff of cosmetics OEM production workshop must be clean, there are still some national standards can be called by powerful manufacturers, such as production workshop through international ISO22716 and GMPC certification, etc. , the production workshop can guarantee the quality of your goods. Observation is disinfected before entering the production workshop production staff, whether to wear protective clothing, wearing masks, etc. 3, understand the technology research and development laboratory with co-packer technology research and development laboratory in cosmetics is relatively strong, can according to customer's request to customize products, such as composition, according to customer requirements, skin feeling, cost, color, scent, custom and so on; In addition, technology research and development laboratories can also provide customers for product development and innovation, do powerful technical support for customers with new products.
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Long gone are those days when cosmetics solution were used to makeup solution. Now new like eyeshadow manufacturer cosmetic design have come up.
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