Intelligent packaging will dominate the beauty market during the fourth industrial revolution

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-06
The core of intelligent packaging is to inform the product information and freshness and the interactive function with consumers. The industry predicts that the beauty industry should pay attention to intelligent packaging in order to meet the fourth industrial revolution, south Korea's beauty industry needs continuous efforts to innovate in order to maintain its competitiveness in the rapidly changing beauty market. Intelligent packaging does not refer to simple packaging and protection of products, but refers to product packaging materials with more dynamic functions. For example, if you scan the product packaging with a smart phone, you will provide customized content such as brand stories or product composition information, videos of usage methods, and collect behavioral data such as consumer habits, product packaging for future product development is called smart packaging. If intelligent packaging is well used, the product form will not only become a part of the function, but also make the product not a passive product, but also an interactive, cognitive and intelligent product, it provides consumers with sensory experience and additional product functions, and strengthens the participation of consumers. A New York trade officer of KOTRA said that due to the development of wireless communication and digital innovations such as the internet of things, intelligent packaging is constantly spreading, and intelligent packaging is attracting attention to change the future innovation trend of the beauty industry, it is reported that beauty brands use packaging as a medium to obtain the opportunity to interact with consumers and improve the transparency of the brand. According to a report by market Research organization Research and Markets, the global smart packaging market has averaged 11. 5% annually since last year. The growth rate of 7% will continue to develop and the market size will reach 52 billion US dollars by 2025. Intelligent packaging is not only suitable for cosmetics, but also has a market in a wide range of fields such as personal care products, food, health management and pharmaceuticals, the main reason for the continuous growth of the smart packaging market is the proliferation of the Internet of Things and computer cloud systems. The global Internet of Things market will reach 15. 4 billion US dollars based on 2015 and 30. 7 billion US dollars by 2020, by 2025, the market size will increase to 75. 4 billion US dollars. An enterprise case of flexible use of intelligent packaging, the makeup plate ShapeMatters Palette of makeup brand Smash box includes powder cake, 9-color eye shadow, matte brightening, nose shadow, repair capacity, glitter highlight, eyebrow powder, eyebrow dye cream, double-headed eyebrow dual-purpose makeup brush and three Get the Look cards, etc. , this product uses innovative electronic printing technology. Scanning the product with a mobile phone will automatically generate makeup tips from makeup artists. This function is very attractive to millennials who like personalized customization experience, therefore, it is very popular. La Roche-Posay launched My UV Patch, a wearable electronic product thinner than the scalp, this smart skin patch is a stretchable sensor jointly developed by La Roche-Posay parent company L 'Or é Al, Irish product research and development company PSH and US start-up MC 10 ( Stretchable sensor) La Roche-Posay's sunscreen products will come with a heart-shaped sticker. It looks like a tattoo sticker with a diameter of only 2. 5 cm, the thickness is only 15 microns. It can stay on your skin for 5 days and will not be affected in the bathroom or by the sea. During this period, use the specified iOS or Android App 'Makeup Genius '(Chinese name 'thousand makeup mirror ') Scanning the patch can find out the amount of ultraviolet absorption and solutions at different times. Users can apply appropriate amount of sunscreen according to the analysis of photosensitive pigments. L 'Or é Al and health care company Withings jointly launched the world's first intelligent Hair brush Hair Coach, which can provide users with Hair combing advice and nursing skills and attract attention by collecting data on Hair combing habits. Hair Coach has a built-in microphone, which can identify the user's Hair combing mode through 'hearing. The comb also integrates accelerometers, gyroscopes and commercial sensors to analyze your habits and rules of combing your hair. In addition, there are pressure sensors used to measure the strength of the hair. The conductance sensor can know whether the hair is wet or dry. All these data will be shared with the App on the mobile phone through WiFi. The product also won the Innovation Award at CES, the world's largest home appliance IT Expo in 2017 ( Innovation Award). In addition, Taiwan's electronic paper leader Yuan Tai technology (E-Ink Holding) In January this year, it announced its cooperation with TEXEN, a leading French manufacturer of high-quality goods and beauty products solutions, and will jointly launch intelligent cosmetic packaging boxes with personalized features. Yuantai pointed out that the smart boutique packaging box has a wide range of applications, covering cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty products, which combine E- Ink electronic paper's low power consumption, high contrast, and paper-like characteristics, as well as TEXEN's design and packaging expertise, low power consumption electronic paper display, without the need for batteries, short-range wireless communication through mobile phones (NFC) Leave personal information on the box and pass it to the gift recipient. Because electronic paper has bistable characteristics, it can continuously display information without consuming any power. E- Ink electronic paper has the characteristics of no battery drive, light weight, and durability, so that brand companies can improve the packaging quality without changing the original packaging shape and design, and become the industry leader. In addition, the newly developed packaging box also displays the name of the consumer or the recipient on the makeup powder box and perfume bottle, or leaves personal information on the packaging box and transmits it to the gift recipient. In addition, the connected cosmetic box can be DIY beauty formula, E- The Ink electronic paper display module can integrate sensors or diagnostic components to drive the beauty care mechanism according to skin conditions in different weather, humidity and other environmental conditions. In addition, the European beauty company Acticospack is developing to extend the storage time and freshness of shampoo and basic skin care, and can reduce 25 ~ 40% preservative active packaging technology. The prospect of intelligent packaging industry, according to KOTRA analysis, intelligent packaging is the combination of technology and beauty makeup industry, especially has a great impact on the makeup field. With the development of social media, the display of beauty accounts for an increasing proportion of the display lifestyle. Recently, consumers buy beauty products more in order to follow the fashion than in order to follow the demand. As more and more consumers use their mobile phones to take selfies and upload photos to social media for sharing after using the products, the influence of makeup products with obvious effects such as thick mascara and bright lipstick has increased most obviously. With the popularity of Korean makeup worldwide, South Korea needs to continue to innovate if it wants to maintain this competitiveness, although South Korea's self-developed innovative products such as makeup air cushion, BB cream and facial mask have made Korean makeup popular all over the world, South Korea's exports have recently decreased due to the production of similar products in many countries. In response, KOTRA's New York trade officer said, 'At present, there are no enterprises with monopoly awareness and excellent technology in the smart packaging market, this is beneficial to South Korean packaging enterprises, which are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises based on excellent technology. '
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