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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-03
Intelligent detector to detect skin your skin < p> PHPCMS - 2016 12 - 28 14:23:02 < / p> < p> smart skin detector, a < / p> < p> a, what is the smart skin detector < / p> < p> smart skin tester, skin detector from the traditional sense, in the traditional sense of the detector is skin beauty advisor or cosmetic physicians to take pictures of skin in contrast to the naked eye, according to their own existing knowledge reserves and experience about skin symptoms, beauty lead architect or cosmetic physicians to determine of skin conditions, as a result, Test data) And conclusions will be influenced by subjective factors, led to the conclusion of objectivity, accuracy and data tend to be questioned by the customer, and smart skin detector is using CBS intelligent skin detection system, just take a clear pictures of local skin, computer software can analyse images, instantly shows test results ( The form of percentage) And conclusion, pop up the reasons and improvement Suggestions, and automatically recommend products or physical therapy and at the same time, also at the same time detection products and the curative effect of physical therapy. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> 2, smart skin detector test < / p> oil, moisture, pigment, pore, elastic, collagen fiber, sensitivity, acne, skin age three, smart skin detector function review 1, by shooting a picture facial skin, instantly analyze customer data, such as detection of elasticity, system analysis is completed, will pop up & other; Skin elasticity 45% & throughout; And come to the conclusion & other; Poor skin elasticity & throughout; 。 2, after the analysis of the data and results, instant pop-up & other; The forming reason & throughout; And & other Improvement Suggestions & throughout; Dialog box, at the same time, the improvement of the automatic matching and recommend the relevant elastic products or physical therapy. 3, after the implementation of the product or use physical therapy, then, you can see the change of the test data and results, for example, the result will become & other; Skin elasticity of 51% throughout the &; , test results may become & other Throughout normal & skin elasticity; 。 4, after all the project analysis, can generate the skin analysis report, report it to have a test test data and results of the project, and automatically recommend the product or physical therapy, and can save or print the report. 5, instant production customer's 3 d figure, skin can clearly distinguish the skin coarse degree. 6, detector with polarized light function, can detect the skin is more dark pigment spots, etc. 7, the system has powerful member management, new, save, edit, delete the customer information, and save the customer's every inspection records, etc. 8, can carry out data backup and restore, avoid computer crashed lost data. 9, can be edited by the background to change into the hospital LOGO, input product or physical therapy name said, etc. The whole operation process is simple, is a fool.
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