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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-02
Inspection and quarantine departments to purify imported cosmetics packaging food market in guangxi < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:50 < / p> given the recent domestic milk powder market food safety accidents occur frequently, and there are some very low protein content of unqualified foreign milk powder through illegal channels into our country, the food safety accidents greatly. Recently, the joint inspection and quarantine bureau food inspection place in guangxi guangxi bureau of quality and technical supervision, establish import packaging food inspection team to carry out the market inspection. Law enforcement team successively to hualian supermarket, dream island shopping center, wangfujing department store, supermarkets such as walmart, and commodity wholesale market, huaxi road nanning within the market on imported milk powder, spices, alcohol, biscuits, etc pre-packaged food and beverage for inspection. At the same time, each port in guangxi 13 joint local administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau, office, industrial and commercial departments of the city and county border trade point, shopping malls, supermarkets, food wholesale market, the main food business sites, has carried on the special inspection. According to statistics, the premises of check a total of 76. In nanning, liuzhou, beihai area larger cities such as shopping malls, supermarket sales of most food imports, has meet the requirements of the standard Chinese label, merchants can also provide health certificate and label audit certificate, especially the imported wine, has been a remarkable change. Inspection found at the same time, some businesses fail to provide health certificate or label is not in conformity with the requirements, import pre-packaged food has to find problem by the technical supervision or the Ministry of Commerce and industry as a temporary storage for further investigation and handling. The review of a total of 33 cases (seal A) The production of small food, mainly in Vietnam. Inspection found that there is a problem more imported food mainly Vietnam small food, beverages, condiments and some biscuits. Learned, biscuits, drinks, condiments mainly from guangdong after entry into our sales, import time main before October 2003. Vietnam are kinds of small food, quality is uneven, the import way has set off from channel entry, and set off from the channel entry. Among them, the channel from the set off point of entry, in strict accordance with the requirements for inspection and quarantine departments, requirements on label audit certificate inspection, the goods after the inspection entry. And set off from the channel of smuggled, is difficult to control. After the special inspection, inspection and quarantine bureau of guangxi in the presence of check in, called in nanning each big department stores, supermarkets, wholesalers and other places of business representatives, to import pre-packaged food, cosmetics, inspection and quarantine related knowledge training, warned businesses substandard milk powder, food is not in the entry and exit inspection and quarantine institution inspection of the goods, mostly through illegal channels into the home. Once the quality department found, sales without inspection and quarantine of imported foods, to seal up the goods, quarantine found unqualified food, shall be destroyed. Business food safety accidents caused by selling unqualified imported food, also will receive the punishment of criminal law. ( WeiWanChun) Source: people's broadcasting station in guangxi
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