【 Insight into 】 Reading: new trend in the cosmetics industry facing the industry reshuffle in 2020

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21

q: outbreak during wearing masks, what is the most in not on cosmetics?

a: don't even think about it must be 'lipstick'!

behind the answer, the status quo of the real reflect the cosmetics manufacturer industry. There is no doubt that the new crown pneumonia outbreak bring a heavy blow to China's cosmetics industry. But under the outbreak, 'masks economy' in 'awakening'. 'Repair' face masks 'will be the future trend of the development of cosmetics, and under the guidance of this trend, the cosmetic industry will usher in more segmentation, more professional development model. As the market is heavily regulated, and the whole industry will develop towards a more standardized, 2020 industry faces a new round of reshuffle.

a trend, 'mask' in 'awakening'

epidemic disease resistance into the key period, each big provinces continue to return to work and production, curtilage in the home of the time, demand for cosmetics manufacturer is reduced. But because return to work and production, a lot of people because of the long time wearing a mask, the skin appears dry, itching, redness, the phenomenon such as acne, blain blain is, especially now is in off-season, temperature, humidity, pressure under the various attacks, but also highlights the fragile skin resistance.

however, a crisis often contains business opportunities, in this context, many cosmetics companies skin repair market segment, becoming in 2020 a new consumer trends, competitive during outbreaks, repair the problem skin of skin care products sales growth than expected as a whole. XJ Beauty also promoted [ N ° 10 series of minimalist] , a key save face mask.

trend, the younger generation into the main consumption

the Chinese consumers, millennials and Z generation will become the main force cosmetics consumption. From the point of consumer age distribution, 30 - And 25 to 35 years old 29, consumers accounted for 40% of the total and 36% respectively, and 18 Consumers also accounted for 11 24 years old. 90%. As millennials and Z consumption increasing, especially after 95 Internet new way of purchase channels and to accept sex is strong, so as to promote sales of finished goods, the main force of cosmetics consumer owners just around the corner.

trend three awaken, home products, fashion brand break

with the tide of the wind, into the elements of fashion cosmetics manufacturer widely popular with young people. For example: 2019 was the first year of the tide, affected by the global trend of the culture, the trend of the Chinese culture development also more and more turbulent. With China's increasingly powerful, many excellent domestic beauty makeup brand of a previous 'boring', 'outdated', in 'young fashion' 'tide', entirely out of the trap. And the Chinese brand is basically the skin according to Chinese custom, whether it's cost-effective, effect, or skin feeling also is one of the elements of air when consumer is choosing cosmetics.

the battle by means of this, cosmetics company is remaining the vitality, the same only wave goodbye, risk is often accompanied by new life, let some enterprises struggling after the outbreak, but there are many companies go front end to stand out in the market. XJ Beauty industry giant, and many scientists at home and abroad, and jointly established domestic Beauty industry technology innovation and scientific research and service platform, according to the present consumer skin conditions make skin care products, combined with the present outbreak also developed new products series, follow the market trend win the market, many new series of continuous development, welcome consultation.

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