Inhibition of new coronavirus, XJ Beauty has always been with you

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
National WeiJianWei in prevention and control in the guide made clear that more than 70% of medical alcohol can kill a new coronavirus, its principle is alcohol can make protein denaturation and loss of function. ( That's why medical alcohol concentration at 75%) 。 Everyone should pay attention to, because most of the products on the market contain chloride, and chloride has the risk of cancer, so need to rinse after use, to reach the purpose of the disposable. Epidemic protection to reassure three even asked 1, why not choose font size of product? Font size products containing chlorine mostly, elimination and chloride has the risk of cancer, long-term exposure can cause chronic poisoning, so need to rinse after use, to reach the purpose of the disposable. 2, the concentration of alcohol effect principle and what? (1) the principle of alcohol by protein denaturation. But alcohol has a role is a premise, there are two very important. One is that not all of the alcohol concentration can, 2 it is even appropriate concentration of alcohol is not suitable for all types of scenarios. (2) the answer to the question of the alcohol concentration of selected medical alcohol concentration is 75% ethanol. The concentration of alcohol effect is good, bad is too high or too low. So, don't literally go to the supermarket to buy liquor bottle height can play a role, at the same time, nor the concentration, the higher the better. Such as the hospital is also useful to 95% of the alcohol, but this is not used to the human body, but to wipe the ultraviolet lamp. So for the human body and reliable effect, choose 75% ethanol. Its reliability reached real disposable purpose. WeiJianWei and countries in the prevention and control in the guide also explicitly pointed out that more than 70% of the new coronavirus ethanol can kill a new coronavirus. 3, condensation state is why our products? Alcohol products on the market most of the spray state, very flammable. Especially in the dry winter easily electrostatic, will no doubt increase the risk of using coefficient. And condensation state more than dew to wash your hands is reliable, convenient spilled daub is not easy to flow.
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