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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-18
Infringing commodities not escape customs 'drawn' < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:03 < / p> source: xinhua channel in the near future, zhejiang, ningbo customs for two consecutive alleged infringement of export commodities, including 16977 of tort 'Colgate toothpaste. On August 13, April in check a ticket in anhui province, a company to declare the goods such as the export of rain flower stones, found that there are 100 cases of a total of 14400 suspected of infringement of trademark 'Colgate' toothpaste, the goods outside the standard of 'Colgate' brand carton packaging to set a layer of the neutral carton packing without tag marks, and at the bottom of the container. Similarly, August 20, closed on a ticket of export goods inspection, found that part of the weight of the goods are packed in cartons and other goods have obvious difference, caused the inspection officer of vigilance, after opening the package found for the toothpaste and other goods, do not tally with the declaration, then decided to implement each box for this batch of goods inspection. After a few hours of unremitting efforts, 'copycats all giveaways. The total seized infringement 'Colgate toothpaste, 2577,' 5547 'signal' toothpaste 'close' toothpaste, 4299, 3648 'Dove' soap, 'baby' 548 bottles of shampoo, this batch of goods with other goods mixed together, hidden in the bottom of container. Infringing commodities because it is human body direct contact with the use of objects, and it is difficult to guarantee to the standardization of its processing technology, there is a lot of hidden trouble for your health. When the two ticket goods exports are mixed in the name of the goods in the packaging, and at the bottom of the goods, and use neutral packing appearance of disguise, largely increased the work difficulty of customs inspection, but still not escape customs officers 'drawn' in the end.
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