In view of the different type of skin whitening methods

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Dry skin effective whitening skin features: the skin dry lack water, especially in the fall and winter, is the root of hues. Easy to grow wrinkles and fine lines, not easy long acne. Whitening formula: from supplement skin moisture, moisture is the first job. With plenty of water nourishing skin, maintain normal metabolism of skin, resist dryness and pigment AD cool-headed. Whitening method: choose beautiful white product is has a dual efficacy of whitening and moisturizing, in addition to the basic courses for the whitening care, use embellish type of whitening night cream at night, but adequate nutrition for skin, whitening and nourishing. If is especially dry skin, go after cutin, want to use moisturizing facial mask in a timely manner, to do at least two times a week moisturizing facial mask. In addition, it can be used in front of the whitening lotion moisturizing essence, improve skin water content. Neutral skin effective whitening skin characteristics: no oil not stem, just right. Whitening formula: this type of skin whitening is the most simple three categories, do not need to use the complete whitening products, moisturizing sun during the day and night. Drink water more, eat more fruit and vegetables, also can match drinks, whitening skin naturally white, transparent. Whitening method: every day to clean, bright skin, nutrition, evening to use whitening night cream nourishes the skin. Can use whitening mask once a week, people in the same type of skin will be different with different age and the environment, can choose according to oneself circumstance using the frequency of the whitening products. Oily skin effective whitening skin characteristics: fat easy long acne, pore bulky, and most belong to the type of oil and water, the possibility of a long spot. Whitening formula: use type oil-free whitening lotion, which not only provide nutrition for the skin, and don't have to worry about can aggravate the burden of skin, clogged pores. Whitening method: continued use of day and night whitening cleanser, toner and emulsion. Daytime use dedicated T parts repairing products and sunscreen products, prevent the formation of dark spots. Commend night can use whitening essence, and provide sufficient nutrition for the skin, repair damaged skin daytime.
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