In those years, you and me her story and cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22

every girl heart there lived a princess, expect a perfect love, there is a wide variety of all kinds of cosmetics in its own exclusive dresser, every day looking at these cosmetics, is also a kind of happiness.

do you still remember your first cosmetics, the story of how it happened with you? Is you treat life first bucket of gold for yourself, or maybe it is the gift of love for the first time, can also be one birthday a special gift, anyway, is a kind of beauty and good.

1, Judy

even with thousands of pieces of a bottle of perfume, Judy has kept a few ml perfume bottles, high school, is very small, but it is her life the first perfume.

can't afford a big old perfume, have passed the have already dried up, and unknown perfume bottle has been retained, perhaps is the testimony of her youth.

2, jumping

a lot of people say: love is a taste, midnight snack in the night market, early in the morning, the fragrance of roses, or some kind of cosmetics.

to jump the first gift, is the first love in wages for the first time for her to buy cosmetic boxes, even if the two separate later, and even later received gifts, but the box of cosmetics jasmine aroma have been written in the heart.

today, perhaps jasmine fragrance is two original once love the true, the trace of each brand.

3, wang li

because of poor family are not allowed to own cosmetics, so the first month of entering the society, wang li to give oneself buy a set of big shop sign to protect skin to taste.

even if you run out of that set of skin care products later, the bottle has been retained, eyes scanning the each time, will remind her to struggle hard in the city of reason, is she the only way to root this small town girl in a big city.

4, Chen Yiqing

a poor village of college students, Chen Yiqing in school is very introverted, quiet.

to buy a set of their own to protect skin to taste, has always been, she thought, but lacked the courage, she wanted to do, a year didn't go, after all, led the school's financial aid and social vision does not allow for termination, part-time waiter work a month, for the first time to spend heavily to buy a set of our own cosmetics manufacturer.

perhaps heart still fragile, life is still poor, but gave her a new shell cosmetics, brave ego trip.

5, bringing

deep cosmetics industry more than 20 years, with thousands of cosmetics brand cooperation, the production of tens of thousands of cosmetics, each a small cosmetics, each of them contains a yearning for beauty, for each of the boys and girls made their own cosmetics, they remember the heart, is the first sense of accomplishment.

XJ Beauty product upgrade every time, every time the release of the new series, is a process of self breakthrough. Just like every girl, with every piece of the story of cosmetics, is bound to the meaning of the first will be treasured.

create beauty will be in the beauty industry has been going on the road, not for others, only for ourselves, keep the love of cosmetics beginner's mind, let meet the boys and girls, has its own story.

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