In the process of using cosmetics some misconceptions

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
A lot of people buy cosmetics manufacturer is due to their skin and cosmetic ingredients in the problem, this problem will use before the choose and buy. You know what misconception in the cosmetics manufacturer use entities? Today with XJ Beauty net look together. some wrong idea of the whole application process using 1, thinks it can immediately see goods effects the vast majority of people think is used when the choose and buy skin care products at the actual effect, but the skin care products can not see actual effect immediately after use, it's not like cosmetic products, can immediately see the flaw of the actual effect how, color adjustment; If in the short term efficacy, usually is not real actual effect, just nourish the actual effect of goods immediately. A whitening cosmetics manufacturer, you bank counter after more than 10 minutes, use a can't clear the goods from the whitening effect is not so good. Products using the visualization is a look at the goods colour and lustre, flavor is not love, then decision whether to buy this commodity. Therefore, only by an experiment is invisible goods of the actual effect. Try 2, no matter what goods, all on the arm palm try used on arm palm almighty selection, so to speak. Try no matter what goods, everyone's habit. In fact, the experiment of a crucial goal is to detect product is allergic to their own. Although arm palm skin relativity foundation is weak, but its not comfortable degree is relatively high, therefore the palm also encounter difficult test for product is skin allergy. But this is not the only place where the goods use. Mission in the side or behind their ear skin also is very good. If you want to test product is allergic to your skin, you can to apply in ear hind or mission side, waiting for 20 - Thirty minutes and see if there are any swelling and itching. 3, use a different product when many people to use, no matter how many kinds of goods, they are applied in the same place. Once only a commodity for a location applications. After several additive applied a lot of goods is wrong. After several times use moisturizing products, for example, even if finally a commodity not moisturizing hydrating, also can make the skin looks unique nourishing; After several times after use, use goods will show up mud, hazard evaluation of goods itself.
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