In the process of cosmetics OEM packaging material often appear what problem?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
In the process of the whole cosmetics OEM production, a link to the packaging material is the easy problems, according to the experience of cosmetics OEM factory production, we summarizes some common problems, cosmetics packaging these problems may delay production and even cause material scrap, in packaging material processing to cosmetics OEM factory, we also have professionals to detect these problems, in order to ensure the production is completed, let's take a look at below. OEM OEM package material on the label content review 1, the product name of naming in line with the cosmetics manufacturer naming rules. 2, JinYongYu, comply with the regulations of decree 100, disable word cannot appear countries, such as water GuangZhen, moisturizing factor etc. 3, the principal and the trustee must indicate full name and address. 4, origin correctly marked four ways, a guangdong province; Guangzhou city, guangdong province, b; C guangdong; D in guangdong guangzhou. 5, the shelf life of two kinds of correct labelling, a production date +; Production batch number + b with limited date. 6, ingredient labels, in line with GB5296. 3. OEM OEM package material appearance on test 1, packing all the printed document is consistent with the sample copy, no typos pragraphs. 2, with batch packaging material order color without clear off color, the color printing is not rough. 3, material surface smooth, level off, clean, without buckling, not rough, uneven, no obvious scratches and bruises. 4, use glue packaging no glue phenomenon. 5, packaging material around without critical Angle, the critical edge. 6, pump head pipe length is appropriate; Specification of incision. OEM OEM function test 1, size, material and package material model,. 2, full capacity is greater than or equal to the quantity. 3, all the packing accessories complete and appropriate. 4, tightness test, vacuum test method or inversion method without leakage. 5, screen printing, spraying, printing ink, smear tests without loss, decoloring, fall off. 6, pump bottle, a spray bottle air compressor 200 times, without damage, trouble-free.
It isn't just about being on cosmetic design anymore–it's about maximizing the potential of the platform of manufacturing.
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