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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-18
In the positive new thermal snap collected one hundred kinds of folk secret recipe < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 12:00:08 < / p> < p> recently, is as a producer, Kim, Yang Rong, sheren tang at shanshan, Zhang Zhehan, Luo Jin, yuan, such as the stars in the 'beauty manufacture' hengdian hot shot, the premiere on September 7, is expected to be broadcast on hunan TV week playback theatre. Yesterday, the cast and open to the media agent. < / p> < p> the producer in the positive, according to the show focus on the aspects of preserve one's health, in order to act, he had collected more than one hundred kinds of folk wisdom of hairdressing secret recipe, weight loss, the spot blain to imprint pouch, thin face, etc. , specifically for the majority of female audience service. To reduce weight a secret recipe, in just his acting, willing to act as & other; Mice & throughout; Try to kiss prescription: & other; Weight loss in the kitchens, I just have two days, drainage, there are small signs of stomach. ” In is also revealed that he would carry a bottle of red bean, coix seed water and lost 40 kg from drama filming to now at least, self-help index roof. In his weibo also revealed the prescription from the guidance of professional doctor, belong to preserve one's health class, has no side effects, the audience after seen play completely can be at ease use. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p> < p> in addition, the beauty manufacturing also launched the open recruitment unit for the first time the men and women in the network activities, starring caused many men pretty girl in the activity is the enthusiasm of participation. But at the same time of the campaign heats up, also attracted a lot of netizens on the reality of activities, also gave a response to this in the positive: & other; And whether activities fair, if you don't try to believe it, I am afraid, even if have the chance to hundred will pass by, you must learn to trust, each time the trust is a possibility, we are committed to exploring the entertainment circle. ” < / p> < p> in is also in the set, the TV broadcast period will also launch the manufacturing beauty of reality show, the show will raid actors room, for each big coffee into the private maintain secret recipe of the actors, he also looking forward to the show confidence can be phenomenal. < / p>
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