In the evening skin care steps

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
A. Discharge makeup XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory think the first thing is to discharge makeup skin care work in the evening, if you sleep with makeup, the second day of the state of the skin is very poor, also can damage our skin, it is without question a very terrible thing, so everyone must not be lazy, to insist every day makeup oh, makeup water you can choose according to their skin condition, as long as it can discharge clean can commonly! 2. Many preliminary study skin cleansing girls may feel complete after discharge makeup is very clean, but it is not like that, discharge makeup is clean we use cosmetics on the face, and the pore garbage generated by the metabolism of the body requires us to further clean with washing a face cleanser, cleansing clean in order to be completed after the completion of the work! 3. Hydrating after facial cleaning, the next step we need to do is filling water, if your skin is dry skin, I suggest to use toner first, then apply hydrating mask, moist skin effect will be better. If your skin doesn't lack water, it is ok to use toner, or apply a hydrating mask is also ok! But when apply hydrating mask must be don't wait for the facial mask to kill, to win, this mask can absorb facial moisture! Four. Eye cream can eye cream in a lot of people cosmetic skin care steps during the day is not very important, but in the evening you more attention to use eye cream, black rim of the eye and pouch basic it is, after all, the problem such as staying up late, so use eye cream at night it is understood that the importance of our eyes and night basic is in a state of rest and relaxation, eye skin can better absorb the nutrients in eye cream! Five. Essence and the daytime, evening also need to use the essence, the essence of skin moist and maintenance is very important, and our facial skin at night also basic is in a state of relaxation, absorb the environment will be better, so also can get better maintenance of our skin! Will protect skin essence of use must attach great importance to night! Six. Cream creams and essence of efficacy has certain repetition, has anti-aging, whitening effect, but the essence and creams also have their own unique role, if afraid of trouble, creams and essence one can also be used, but it is best to use both! In addition to the above six steps, we can also do some chamfer, wipe hairdressing oil works, but this is not the necessary work every day, such as chamfer can do once a week, do too frequently will damage our skin!
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