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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Imaginary inspection report up you 200000 < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:42 < / p> < p> the national YaFang group events is particularly profound lesson today, one does not have test qualifications, in more than ten years of time, the certification has spread all over the crest, Colgate toothpaste and 'lotte' xylitol chewing gum and other daily consumer goods, until found two lawyers, and put it to court. < / P> < P> if such 'inspection agency' in our province, how will? Are working on the inspection institutions in zhejiang province 'management ordinance ( The draft) 'To give the answer. This has already been submitted to the provincial standing committee, and the ongoing review of the draft regulation: < / P> < P> 'inspection institutions engaged in inspection services, shall be certified by the province quality and technical supervision department, if without the metrological certification inspection service activities, will be of quality and technical supervision department shall be ordered to correct, with 1-100000 yuan, and confiscate the illegal income. '< / P> < P> inspection institutions wild speculations legislation will stop < / P> < P> hunan company had complaints to the relevant department, enterprise to an inspection institution to hand in 640000 yuan each year' inspection fee ', and individual product inspection fee charging standard, higher product prices. < / P> < P> inspection agencies to collect fees in disorder, the hot issues in our province is also the masses feel strongly about. < / P> < P> a total of more than 1000 inspection institutions of all kinds, in our province is widely distributed in the chemical building materials, metallurgy, machinery, weather, hydrology, transportation, environment and resources, such as measurement of surveying and mapping industry, service covers areas such as industry, agriculture, commerce, international trade, and the administrative, judicial, civil and commercial arbitration and other activities. < / P> < P> for this purpose, the draft regulation is put forward, the inspection institution shall, in accordance with the entrusted inspection agreement, inspection fee, it shall not violate the provisions of the relevant national and provincial price management; Inspection institution shall recommend to the society or participate in the recommended products, shall not be produced, and sale, to participate in the production and business operation activities of the product. < / P> < P> fiction inspection report unit up 200000 < / P> < P> draft, metrology accreditation review personnel shall remain independent, objective and impartial, shall not participate in to its place unit has the business competition relations or other interest relationship of inspection agency review; During the period of review, shall not be any business relationship with the review by the inspection agency. In violation of the provisions, if the circumstances are serious, the relevant personnel will be discharge, and can no longer be employed in three years. < / P> < P> in addition, for false inspection reports and data, forgery, as a result, the unit will be fined $5-200000, the person in charge directly responsible and other directly responsible personnel will be fined $2-50000. < / P>
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