If one day without wearing a mask, let skin to breathe

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
One day without wearing a mask,

would you most like to do?

listen to! TA story

in this outbreak is wanton day

dip a little warm.

if one day, need not wear a face mask,

to light my version of the soul.

if one day, need not wear a face mask,

I want to see this brave city wuhan.

if one day, need not wear a face mask,

I can only hope that this day, to come a little earlier.

if one day, I don't have to wear a face mask,

I'll painted bright red lipstick I want to spray perfume.

lu a whole makeup

let skin breathe freely. 。 。 。 。 。

Part 1

the skin to breathe

wore more than 10 hours a day, because of lack of oxygen, which feature, it is also more and more is skin problems. Dark heavy, take oil, long blain, itching, redness, these terrible symptoms, skin will be a lack of oxygen? If one day without wearing a mask, skin most want to do? Is probably 'breathe'!

Part 2

skin with oxygen

the skin surface mainly depends on atmospheric oxygen providing, so oxygen to maintain cells of normal structure and activity is very important. Oxygen can promote metabolic processes within living cells, let the cells to produce more active state. Cells through the metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid and protein for energy, so the skin absorption of nutrients and metabolic waste emissions, are all need oxygen.

Part 3

mask and skin

in wearing a mask, now insufficient oxygen for the skin and then the energy provided by the low efficiency of the anaerobic pathway, of these metabolites are not carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen deficiency can reduce cell regeneration speed, at the same time, new skin cells are less healthy. Physical changes caused by the skin of oxygen, resulting in premature aging, make the skin fine lines, wrinkles and dark or further complexion.

Part 4

create beauty, make skin breathe freely

because of wearing a mask, skin in highly polluted environment for a long time, the skin of oxygen loss could be higher, so as to accelerate the aging of the skin.

how to make the skin cell breathing better? XJ 'Fried' king Beauty and have many products to repair your skin. And one of the 'BIO essence cream' wide praise customers, help skin maintain cell oxygenation, maintain normal metabolism of cells, and cell biological material synthesis. From ginseng root extract ingredients, effectively delay skin aging, prevent the skin drying dehydration, enhance skin elasticity, so as to protect the skin luster, soft, prevent and reduce skin wrinkles, make skin breathe freely.

'BIO essence cream'

2 1 location positioning damage cells repair repair damaged cells

3 haun live to restore damaged cells to become healthy cells

repair is not only the skin, especially cell!

'BIO essence cream' increase the oxygen content of skin, let cell's metabolism will be accelerated, and promote the synthesis of matrix, for the skin into the young power, neither barrier function recovery, or the aging of the skin to wrinkle, can easy get.

BIO essence cream

for masks under anoxic

refresh skin get rid of fatigue, resist ageing

let skin breathe

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