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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-05
The stand or fall of the example of how to identify processing cosmetics manufacturers provide < p> cosmetics processing - 2018 10 - 12 10:46:31 < / p> cosmetics sample can determine how far can the future of the product, so it is very important to choose a good cosmetic sample. How to identify the stand or fall of cosmetics processing factory to provide sample? Maybe some customers could not tell. The stand or fall of appraisal model can from the following aspects: 1, watch components: component is the soul of a product, have the effect of phase for each component, such as hydrating hyaluronic acid, whitening has contains vitamin c and its derivatives, niacinamide, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid, licorice extract, arbutin, etc. In addition, the model can not add banned substances, otherwise can't through product for the record. Cosmetics processing factory in wenzhou for a little knowledge, the product composition composition sort in the table is sorted by ingredients to add quantity, from more to less order in turn. 2, see the touch, touch is called the skin feeling, in the product, the skin is very important one annulus. Is the feeling of good skin feels refreshing, not greasy, not heavy, fast absorption, no residue, good scent and so on. In general, the more pure product does not contain harmful substances, their tactility more delicate, skin to absorb much sooner. 3, silver ornaments test: why countries have banned some ingredients added to cosmetics, because although banned substances can improve the skin question fast, but will cause harm to human health and skin. How to detect whether they contain banned substances in the cosmetics, can dip in with silver ornaments take a small amount of skin care products, draw a few pictures on line in a few minutes, if the trace is black, it suggests that cosmetics contain lead, mercury and other harmful elements. 4, PH test paper test method: human skin weak acid, so only weak acid skin care products can effectively protect the skin. When buying skincare, apply a small amount of product on the PH paper, first, a few minutes later than paper color card, if the product is alkaline, is not suitable for use. 5, cream products fire test method: put a small amount of cream products in the spoon, then heated, if boil cream into milk, behind and fragrant flavour is full-bodied, explain this product is safe. If after heating phenomenon of spitting, smoking, and taste is residue bulbs, ladle bottom, shows the mineral oil paint or fill products are boride, may cause harm to the skin after use. Above, in front of the cosmetics processing business cooperation, cosmetics processing factory will be according to the requirements of customers to customize the template, will be sent to the customer sample trial, after waiting for the customer feel satisfied in for subsequent packaging design, the product for the record, production big goods and a series of processes.
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