Identification Methods and precautions for using liquid foundation

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-28
First of all, it is very important to choose the nature of the liquid foundation. It is necessary to choose a watery liquid foundation, which is very thin and cannot be stopped on the finger and will flow immediately. This is easy to apply and easy to apply evenly. Secondly, it is very important to choose the color, especially for the MM with acne marks, do not choose the white liquid foundation, choose the natural color, the yellowish one, otherwise it will not be able to cover up, makeup is not natural. Drop the foundation into a cup filled with water, insoluble in water, indicating that the foundation is airtight and sweat-proof, contains heavy metals, oily, difficult to clean, easy to block pores, cause long acne, blackheads and acne, the more the pores are used, the thicker; Soluble in water, it means that the Foundation can breathe and sweat, and it is easy to clean, does not contain heavy metals, does not clog pores and long acne and acne. The foundation color should be coordinated with the skin color to avoid too much difference from the skin color. The function of the Foundation is to evenly correct the skin color, rather than completely change the skin color. If you want to be perfect or completely flawless, it will only make your foundation thicker and thicker, but the defects will be shattered. The color and texture of the Foundation should be coordinated with the skin, season or makeup. Generally speaking, if you often make up, at least you should have a dark and light foundation close to your skin color. For example, OL makeup can be whiter and healthy outdoor makeup can be deeper. Oily skin needs a foundation that controls oil and water, and dry skin can choose a foundation that is lipophilic and moisturized. Similarly, in dry autumn and winter, it is best to choose a foundation product with better moisturizing effect. When applying, it should be even, the thickness should be evenly applied, and the thickness should be appropriate. The makeup will have a sense of integrity. Otherwise, it will be like a patch on the face. When applying the liquid foundation, you can use some makeup brushes. The foundation brush is a good choice. If you use the foundation brush, the foundation will be thinner and thinner, more natural, and the nude makeup will be better. Here you can use a flat foundation brush, such as H03 of Makeupshowbrush is a good choice. In addition, a proper amount of foundation should be applied to places connected to or close to the face, such as neck and collarbone. In order to enhance the contours of the face, we often use a deep and light Foundation. Sometimes for concealer, a concealer that is slightly darker than the skin tone is used. At this time, the two shades should avoid too much difference, the transition must be soft, you can use a small brush on the concealer to apply it and then apply it with a sponge. Sunscreen index liquid foundation is generally marked with SPF. The so-called SPF refers to the sun protection factor of sunscreen products, indicating the level of sun protection efficiency that sunscreen products can exert. The greater the SPF value, the worse its permeability, which will hinder the normal secretion and respiration of skin, block vitamin D synthesis, and affect the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Over time, it will increase the probability of osteoporosis. Every day, the 'fine makeup' will directly cause the skin to be dull and lack of healthy luster, the skin is loose, and the acne is bred. The use of the cream before makeup is to provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, form a 'front line' to guard against external attacks '.
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