How to wash a face to wash for women? Five types of skin wash a face to a study

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
The MM don't look down upon this step is washing a face every day, wash to maintain article better absorption. However, face the according to the type of skin wash a face is to choose the most suitable for their own way. School small make up today is close to the five types of skin the most correct way to do it. You must study hard oh! One should each wash a face in the morning and evening. Wash a face to the water temperature should change with the seasons. Because too cold water will shrink the pores, is not conducive to thoroughly clean the dirt of the face. The water temperature is too high, will clean up the skin excessive sebum, destroy the sebum membrane. Of course if the weather is hot, sweat, clean natural should be appropriate to increase the number of times. School small make up remind everybody, oily skin can be used interchangeably hot wash a face with cold water, hot water helps dissolve sebum, cold water can avoid pore expansion. But the specific operation will also vary from person to person. Water cleansing is best, choose appropriate cleansing products normally only use water wash a face best. If the weather is hot, poor working and living environment, use a sunscreen or opaque, grease the special situations such as cosmetics manufacturer, only need to use the cleansing products. According to the Chinese skin cleanness guide, cleansing products are divided into several categories: after facial cleaning spray to embellish ( Cool) Toner, or put on the skin moisturizing cream, moisturizing products, in order to restore the sebum membrane, maintain the normal pH of the skin. Three kinds of special skin, wash face different methods healthy skin should be smooth and soft, delicate transparent, flexible. And because of the influence of the environment and personal habits, etc, most of the people's skin tends to reach this state. Especially white-collar gens long-term stay in an air-conditioned room, the skin dry lack water for a long time the sub-health state, become dry yellow, loss of skin metabolism, aging cutin accumulation. In addition, the loose skin aging, pore bulky, etc. , are also in the sub-health state of the 'signal' of the skin. They when washing a face is different from person to person. Dry skin - — Reduce the cleaning products, pay attention to moderate moisture dry skin, including dry skin, skin pruritus, ichthyosis, etc. This type of skin, in when washing a face, had better use only clean water, use less as far as possible cleaning products; Or according to skin condition, seasons and different areas, choose to use a mild nature, protect wet effect strong medical skin care products such as cleanser, etc. Dry skin after cleansing pay attention to use moisturizing factor, can improve dry skin. Intolerance or allergy skin - — Good moisturizing soothing skin to the outside environment of this type of resistance is reduced, easy to produce allergic symptoms. In addition to sensitive skin, including common skin diseases, such as solar dermatitis, contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis, acne, etc of roses. Only clean face with water, or use a specially designed for sensitive skin gently cleaning and moisturizing soothing effect of medical products, clean after use try not to affect the skin barrier. Water temperature too high too low irritability skin discomfort symptoms. Washing a face, therefore, don't be too long, the movement wants gentleness. After facial cleaning, should be timely inunction moisturizer with repair of the skin barrier function. Seborrheic skin - — According to the amount of sebum, regulate the cleaner used and cleaning seborrheic skin is very common, in addition to oily skin, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, a few roses in patients with acne, etc. , seborrheic skin when washing a face, according to the amount of sebum, appropriate adjustment cleansing product usage and number of cleansing. To oily skin, not dry. Can choose according to oily skin clean ability strong cleansing foam, etc. If there is a obvious papules, pustules, it is best to use containing selenium sulfide or sulfur clean face product, can rise to containment, bacteriostatic action. Excessive clean will destroy the sebum membrane, percutaneous filtration rate increased, feedback to stimulate the sebaceous glands secretion of sebum and appear the so-called 'oil dry outside' phenomenon. And choose a mild accuse oil moisturizing cleanser can avoid this kind of situation. Mixer cleanser including cleansing cream, cleanser, cleansing lotion, cleansing gel, etc; Cleanser is the most commonly used categories, it is recommended that each time the dosage for 1 ~ 2 g ( Soy to horsebean size) And focusing on facial T area, circle it gently daub, with suction have water towel scrub; Mixer discharge makeup makeup water and discharge makeup product milk used to discharge makeup, makeup oil used in paints thick makeup. After discharge makeup cleanser will sometimes need discharge makeup oil is clear; Mixer scrub or chamfer cream scrub is uniform with subtle grain cleaning products, through the role of the physical friction on the skin to remove ageing cutin cell debris. Chamfer cream or gel is to use the product in the process of the coated cha precipitation sticky glue into the aging cutin stripped, upgrading of the cell, light, soft skin. But too frequently use can cause skin sensitive, dermal vascular expansion, etc. Suggest oily or aging skin use 1 time 2 ~ 4 weeks, scrub and chamfer cream you use at the same time.
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