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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
How to use discharge makeup oil is quite perfect makeup (< p> PHPCMS - 2016 12 - 28 14:22:52 < / p> < p> makeup in addition to choose a suitable discharge makeup oil, to know how to use discharge makeup oil, know the makeup of the steps and matters needing attention are equally important, learn how to use discharge makeup oil together. < / p> notice dosage notice first usage is correct, is generally recommended that the discharge makeup oil duck mouth three presses the quantity can be a complete package of skin surface dirt and make-up, the dosage of completely discharge makeup effect. Excessive use discharge makeup product, not too much cleaning may cause skin irritation or inflammation. Massage makeup massage can strengthen discharge makeup effect, but it is important to note that the massage time not more than 2 minutes, otherwise it will bring harm to skin. Makeup techniques to pay attention to, avoid excessive friction. To wash a face with the bubble to clean, the thick foam is equivalent to a layer of the mat at this moment, to avoid friction of hand hurt the fragile skin, while cleansing is the same truth, right amount massage will strengthen the makeup effect, but too much massage it could backfire. Discharge makeup product choice, indeed, face different parts should use different makeup products. Lazy eyebrow in the United States if really feel trouble, it is recommended that you just choose two kinds of discharge makeup product: can unload eyelash and the lip gloss eyes lips make-up remover and conventional discharge makeup products. Special attention should be paid to that with conventional discharge makeup products to discharge makeup is not desirable. Because once the discharge makeup oil enters the eye, can produce stimulation to eyes inside, after emulsification still can feel foggy. Eyes lips make-up remover, the separation of water and oil mild stimulation. Spring morning and night temperature difference is big, the dry air, disease-resistant ability is abate, the sun after the skin appears more fragile, not suitable for the use of excessive stimulus clean colour products; In addition, the more sweat, grease secretion, mixed with makeup, are more likely to clog pores, produce all kinds of skin problems, more attention should be paid to the deep clean when the makeup and cleansing, avoid dirt in pores residue. Warm water wash makeup after must use warm water is rinsed clean, because it can make corneous layer of dirt to get clean, better emulsification can be more thorough. After can use cold water to clean face, contractive pore effect, also can accelerate the skin blood circulation. Clean colour products in addition, the selection of professional skin care discharge makeup clean colour products, such as two-for-one clean colour oil, makeup and cleansing helps deeply clean skin at the same time, also can avoid using cleanser follow-up to cause excessive cleaning, including skin care ingredients help your skin when clean colour. Clean skin cotton method of use: dry skin cotton net clean, makeup and skin, moisturize, massage at an organic whole, can be a & other; Cloth & throughout; In place to clean skin. Step 1: use a small amount of water wet cotton net skin fully expanded. Step 2: net by hand rub skin cotton, bubble. Step 3: use clean skin cotton net surface gentle clean face. < p> step 4: wash by hand or the net with clean facial skin cotton. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p>
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