How to search for a reliable cosmetics factory?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
With the great development of skin care products market prospects, in the fierce competition in the cosmetic industry, the company is higher and higher operating costs. So choose cosmetics OEM is to choose appropriate, to reduce business cost and production cost, is advantageous to the company in the manufacturing industry development trend. However, cosmetics factory technical and services the good and bad are intermingled, XJ Beauty manufacture for you in detail several kind of way to help you identify the compliance factory. 1. Visit, seeing is believing, listening to the sounds for the chemical industry are many intermediaries, virtual high price comparison, didn't ensure the quality, so want to find suitable for cosmetics factory to visit. 2. Did investigation cosmetics factory have a laboratory and r&d department many cosmetics factory do not have own laboratory and r&d department, this factory is usually bought from other lab processing plant recipe according to production order, no working ability of the product research and development new recipe, so they are only 3, 5 years manufacturing secret recipe of the same goods. Some cosmetics factory has technical engineers but no research and development department, technical engineers also analyze the secret recipe to carry out simple home of choose and buy, real product research and development staff should have the ability to work product research and development of the new recipe, and is not easy understand the secret recipe. 3. Laboratory equipment, production lines, equipment is perfect experimental instrument is decision-making cosmetics manufacturer factory can the key elements of the new recipe for product research and development, production line equipment is harm to protect skin tactility, key elements of shape, choose cosmetics manufacturer factory must need to see the machine equipment is excellent. 4. Assembly workshop is clean production of qualified cosmetics production workshop dust particles in the gas, harmful gases, bacteria and other air pollutant total must conform to the provisions, application of water treatment systems software, according to the reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment, to ensure water security. Assembly workshop area is not large, but equipment ready. 5. Company cooperation calendar technology professional cosmetics manufacturer factory there is no doubt that many partners have a mature and steady cooperation association, company calendar can tell whether a good company, and also can distinguish the plant reliability and product quality.
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