How to recognize a cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprise can meet your requirements?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

how to recognize a cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprise can meet your requirements?

how to control the cosmetics production and processing from cost?

XJ Beauty: the complete the processing of cosmetics manufacturer, branded process to serve for you!

confirm product lines and sales channels, in the production of the product before, want to consider the operation of the brand, beauty salon customer group, product information needs, outsourcing and so on.

to locate a good product to face what kind of consumer, if is the professional line, need quality is better; If is take the cosmetic line, the electricity business channels, such as to save costs, choose products with relatively low prices.

however, requires the following!

1。 of cosmetics raw information source

find cosmetics manufacturers through search engines, such as alibaba is one of the way, although the strength is uneven, choose those who through the power of the dealer to contact. Because these factories have passed alibaba third party inspection, is real.

2。 What need to pay attention to when field trips?

the cosmetics manufacturer of the environment, the production workshop environment, a model room, and so on. General manufacturers sample showroom if display model more, said the factory research and development ability strong, choose the possibility of more, or more mature formula.

3。 What kind of sample is good?

try skin sense and effect, for moisturizing products, mainly to try the skin and moisturizing effect. Mask mainly membrane cloth 1) compatible or not, and apply the feeling. The need to consider these aspects: the product price, the overall estimate price, related packaging materials.

4。 Is there any value-added service

appearance, free for the record, such as design related brand design, etc.

sure formula

introduced several methods for your reference: see composition, tactility, PH test paper test method, cream products fire test method, etc.

it version, production big goods

cosmetics manufacturers need to do a big goods samples, including location, location, printing mark problems such as shrink film.


in the production of large cargo can be relevant for the record at the same time, it can shorten the time.

in these links, choose a major of cosmetics co-packer is top priority. Guangdong XJ Beauty is a research and development, production, packaging, marketing, technical services, professional brand processing based comprehensive modern enterprise, what do you want to do the cosmetics we are able to help you!

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