How to reasonable risk cosmetics OEM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
Many people want to do skin care business but no qualification certificate, the that time will find cosmetics processing factories, the skin care products OEM how to find a reliable cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, guangzhou XJ Beauty technology professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM 20 years, countries around the world four production cosmetics industry base, reliable. How to reasonable risk prevention, small make up today, began to say to you: about skincare authorize manufacturing several risk prevention and control measures. 1, cosmetic ingredients to purchase execution behavior main body not establish cosmetic ingredients is purchasing agent to handle or the client is always worried about the problem of each other. Most skin care products authorized company adopt the method of disposal, from high quality and low price of chemical raw materials distributor in raw materials of choose and buy, a small part of the authorized manufacturing enterprise in the delegate of choose and buy, fully considering the cost, some manufacturing enterprises in raw material capital investment to omit the quality inspection stage, plant a security risk. 2, cosmetics manufacturer formula has safe hidden trouble most of the trustee, due to the key technology of information security standard, the commodities have been established to show the client is not willing to put the goods secret, just a variety of ingredients in the secret recipe serial number to the client, make under the single blind way institutions entrusted production and manufacturing, improve the quality of the product safety factor of risk. 3, protect skin to taste problem goods to specific responsibility, authorize company did not match the specific manufacturing goods, thus think the client should assume the quality of the goods, and as to the stage of objectivity on many management methods are subject to the trustee, and therefore feel that the trustee shall bear the product quality obligation.
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