How to quickly and effectively clean vacuum glass bottle?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Cosmetics vacuum bottles used in the field of cosmetics to a wide range, but people often contact cosmetics, found that it is difficult to clean vacuum flask, if not clean, clean residue of cosmetics bottle, time is long, bacteria, cannot be used again. Nowadays people use some cosmetics bottles, a lot of is a kind of can be squeezed vacuum flask, through the press, when to use very convenient. Cosmetics container if extrusion type vacuum flask, you will need to have a better choice on the material of the bottle, should be not easily broken, good is the ability to choose plastic material, not easy broken, and pressure is stronger. In general, the cosmetics bottles, bottles are internal site there will be a free activity, and then use will slowly move to the above, in the process of until the bottle's contents is about to run out of time and the tray will be in the position of the distance to the top of the bottle is closer. Open the lid, and then push the movable tray to below, The Times of the bottle is rinsed clean, because protect skin to taste is the need for a cleaner, and then you can pack in to cosmetics, if pressure is not big enough, then you can try to press a few times, then you can more easily squeezed out of cosmetics. First put about a quarter of the water in the bottle, and then put in more than 10 grains of rice, the sway of the widowed cover cap and two or three minutes, can also be the horse up and shake the bottle, the bottle will be more fully flush. Pour the water in the bottle, and then clean with clear water several times, this method is simple and convenient. If there is excessive residue in the bottle, can repeat a few times more. 493. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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