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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
How to guard against and cosmetics OEM processing factory cooperation risk < p> 2017 - 09 - 01 11:51:00 < / p> many cosmetics brands party will choose and cosmetics OEM processing factory cooperation, cosmetics OEM cosmetics packaging production and a series of problems, so brand party can reduce their production utilization of funds, don't need to go will be huge one-time investment, as long as the concentration is responsible for the brand operation. Even a market reversal of wind can also exit in time, need not consider deal with the problem of fixed assets. So for the brand and cosmetics OEM cooperation is a very good choice. But, this kind of cooperation and win-win development mode also should pay attention to some of the possible risk of cooperation: 1, the legal risk if the contract between cooperative enterprises to formulate detailed and comprehensive enough, will cause the legal risks. From equipment technology, standards, quality, price, delivery cycle, and so on to have a comprehensive agreement, to ensure easy cooperation, especially to prevent vague part of the contract, to prevent the cosmetics OEM enterprise shoddy, with low quality raw materials to produce their own products. 2, economic risk, custom products will appear in the execution of many unexpected things, at the time of crisis, there may be some risk, any cooperation will have a risk, risk of cosmetics OEM cooperation not all industry's largest, but also need to be careful to face. In wenzhou, in the case of soft past appear a few problems, tend to be brand clients on market forecast error, plan production is higher than the actual demand, the result produced just found the problem, but have been unable to make up for, the backlog of raw materials and packaging materials. Before and cosmetics OEM business cooperation, therefore, must think twice, once a decision will be ready to take risks. 3, the cooperation risk of cosmetics OEM enterprise choose carefully, do not chop and change, want to have 1 - to determine the cooperation Long-term cooperation for 2 years, because once cooperation, product is an approximate formula, raw materials, technology, products gradually will finalize the design, if consumer habits, you jump turn factory again, it may cause the skin feeling and quality of the products difference, even with the same formula and process, the equipment of different cosmetics OEM enterprise is different, the quality of the products also have difference, careful consumers, it is very easy to find. How to guard against the risk? Strengthen the communication and coordination is one of the most important. Commissioned by customers brand cosmetics OEM enterprise for production, after understanding and execution for production must achieve highly consistent, but also is not necessarily completely consistent, appropriate adjustments and concessions are also needed, to produce high quality products for the premise to communicate, not just to save money or other factors. Otherwise, even save money, then product quality closes nevertheless, flow to the market find it difficult to sell, but lost a lot of money, do more harm than good.
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