How to makeup look natural

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
factory found just began to learn make-up babies will face such a problem, is actually better than without makeup ugly after makeup? Do you have this experience? Why don't feel very strange after each makeup natural! That's because you ignored the small details of the make-up, so pay attention to the details, you can draw a makeup look ~ 1, bottom makeup part of the natural bottom makeup don't apply it too thick, not massif bottom liquid directly with the hand, not only not divide evenly coated powder rub mud is easy to card. The correct method is to use a wet sponge eggs, then gently press the pat on the face of the powdery bottom, don't use foundation, on the way of such uneven coating. If defective baby on the face, can choose to block defect effect better foundation, to face the drawbacks of curtain off, remember to a few times on the bottom makeup oh ~ first of all, take a look at the appearance of the foundation, the appearance of the frosted bottle in his hand is texture, appearance looks is advanced. Very fine powder, its quality is also very good ductility, I am eggs with sponge on makeup, frivolous break, not mask, immaculate bottom makeup makeup feeling becomes zero, with this kind of foundation even saved block defect, because it really super block defect, the blain blain on my face like the skin care, not to mention what black rim of the eye. Block defect force really touching and durability also let me very surprise, it ready before big love ~ 2, makeup moisturizing skin condition, don't blindly depend on the drawbacks of face covered with cosmetics manufacturer! Makeup before the state of the skin is really important! If your skin in dry state, must be timely moisture. And make up water as the first stop filling water, is often the most overlooked step, in fact, make up water used by the way, not only can do a good hydrating, secondary cleaning; Also can make the follow-up skin care effect doubled, so must complete before makeup moisturizing! Part 3, eye makeup makeup on, don't be in the part of the eye shadow and eyeliner is too heavy, not careful you'll paint themselves as new eye makeup is the best use of oh ~ to nature, so in the eye shadow part, had better choose foundation earth color series, eye shadow, it's not easy to get wrong. In the eyes, want to use brushes to shading of eye shadow, and eye shadow to within the scope of the eyelids. Lots of people are in eyeliner hand remnants, so beginners to draw look line, as long as the stroke eye end part, also can show more such eyes oh ~
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