How to make up not dizzy makeup?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Dizzy makeup is what meaning, is dizzy after makeup makeup is not yet ready to calm makeup, makeup is not lasting, thereby shading from an apparent, that how to prevent dizzy makeup? Take a look at below small make up of small tips for you. Be calm makeup after makeup, makeup is not persistent, shading, due to facial oil is dizzy makeup. Dizzy makeup reasons: easy skin give oil, sweating or damp, cosmetic quality is relatively poor. Dizzy makeup to do: 1, the makeup before you apply the hydrating eye mask, protective eye makeup, can also eliminate eye edema. 2, use eye drops with menthol to go out, let the temperature of the eye to come down as soon as possible. Sweep before 3, eye shadow on a layer of powder, make skin smooth and delicate. 4, use eye cream or render containment bottom makeup face to inhibit ocular oil situation, daub on the eyelid. 5, at noon, the makeup of eye shadow, choose the opaque thin and delicate eye shadow, don't apply too much. How to make up not dizzy makeup: step one toner first aid face, supplement moisture. It's hot in summer, pore outspread, grease secretion, so that the make-up melt. So let skin give oil is to reduce less dizzy makeup is the key to the problem. It is very important to oil skin, add moisture. Must do the maintenance of skin before makeup. Let skin drink enough water. Water is a must. After cleansing, use before make-up efficient moisturizing water soak a cotton pad, gently pat on his forehead, cheeks, and apply the ten minutes or so. Step 2 partition USES the breast before makeup. Summer t area particularly prone to oil, u 'position is generally dry, in the face of such situation are suggested to use makeup before the partition to the decoration. T area place daub with matte effect after fresh water makeup breast before daub, lock water and modified skin; U area using moisturizing makeup before the milk to nourish, help improve the bottom makeup break and enduring ability. Step 3 using sponge daub pink. Make skin care, on the technique of makeup is also cannot be ignored. When the bottom makeup suggested using sponge powder on powdery bottom, because it can let foundation easier more even attached to the skin, but also can better cover summer skin pores. Let not makeup makeup look. It is important to note that when using sponge daub pink must use cover gently on the method of makeup, do not force daub, avoid harm the skin. Step 4 how to don't get dizzy makeup look line. Eyeliner is the most vulnerable to the makeup dizzy makeup location, so you need to pay attention to. When makeup to use eye cream render to render of the eye, help inhibit fat distribution, then can in front of the line in first eye light on a layer of honey powder, can effectively avoid dizzy makeup. In the eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, such as choice, also try to use eyeliner product have waterproof and shading effect. Step 5: use powder let makeup look more durable after painting good facial makeup, in order to be able to achieve better not dizzy makeup effect, you need to use the sweet pink bottom makeup on the face, help to consolidate the colour of colour makeup, do summer makeup not dizzy makeup. 【 Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory 】
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