How to make up change uneven skin color

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
Many MM will find themselves face skin looks very uneven, not only dull and presents different shades of color of skin, it is also difficult for makeup, change the phenomenon of uneven skin color actually use skills can be done, take a look at below Beauty makeup manufacturers XJ Beauty makeup how to change the phenomenon of uneven skin tone! 1, block distribution map of muscle most uneven skin tone of the MM have this kind of situation, facial skin like a map showing a different color block, which is associated with the accumulation of keratin, a problem of skin metabolism, residual cutin cannot fall off naturally, in the face can cause uneven skin color, make makeup look is very not normal. This time will need to be revised after finishing powder, method is to use clean without dip in powder puff on the cheeks, large increase of pink and joint degrees of skin, with thick powder puff and pat the whole face of bottom makeup, so it is not easy to take off the makeup. 2, black rim of the eye clear most of the young people now many have a rim of the eye, face painted white, around the eyes black rim of the eye is the more obvious, so try to choose special eye concealer, the black rim of the eye covered, the makeup look to appear more natural. 3, on both sides of the nose red nose on both sides of the reddening phenomenon is very common, after the bottom makeup, fold the sponge and press the nose on both sides of the cavity, let sponge residual powder evenly daub to nose two side, cover the redness of the skin, can also change the greasy feeling. Cause color of skin not divide evenly, pore bulky, some 4 MM face pore bulky, can cause skin color is not symmetrical, this time with the breast before makeup to solved, at the site of the pore is bulky use foundation cream for bedding, render then the bottom makeup foundation, so that you can avoid the phenomenon of uneven skin tone. All rights reserved: http://www. gdoqsh。 com/ ( Guangdong XJ Beauty technology co. , LTD. ) Reprint please indicate the
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