How to make acrylic cosmetics container clean and good

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
People is common to acrylic products from raw materials such as acrylic aggregate, plate, or resin through a variety of different processing methods, and comply with all kinds of different material and function of the acrylic products of spare parts to be assembled. As for general often heard of acrylic fiber, acrylic, cotton, acrylic yarn, acrylic, nylon and so on, refers to the composed of acrylic acid polymerization of synthetic fibers, and acrylic products. This or that exist in the process of acrylic cosmetics container movement, friction, electrostatic, and so on factors, these will make acrylic products processing is completed was flawed. How can we ensure acrylic cosmetics container clean and good? A, acrylic cosmetic container material. Choose according to the processing of acrylic cosmetic bottles to choose suitable acrylic ( Transparent acrylic plate: 1. 25 * 1. 85米,1。 25 * 2. 45米; Imported transparent acrylic board: 2 * 3 m) 。 Second, the acrylic cosmetic container packing. Reworked material is a new material of acrylic sheet more easily soluble in organic solvents, so frequently, filar silk after carving fill paint crack, in order to better solve the problem we usually choose: 1, choose resin paint; 2, choose amino paint ( Chemical store is available) ; 3, fill paint after polishing processing. Three, acrylic cosmetic container scratches. For some acrylic cosmetics container Qin Wei acrylic products surface scratches or less obvious damage, can use sandpaper, also should pay attention to when grinding ring mobile sand paper, and to control the fineness of the sand, then wipe with toothpaste. Four, electrostatic acrylic cosmetics container. Acrylic products easy to generate static, then attach to tiny sundry or dust, so need to fill in screen printing or paint with 1% with soap and water before soft cotton cloth to wipe clean, in order to keep the clean. 477. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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