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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-11-25

Cosmetics are a common product in everyone's daily life.  Because of the high demand for large consumption, there are thousands of cosmetics OEM manufacturers in the country.  These cosmetics OEM manufacturers use different equipment and raw materials, therefore, the cosmetics produced are also inconsistent in terms of quality. So how to judge whether the quality of cosmetic OEM products is reliable?

Judging from the packaging appearance, if you want to know whether the quality of cosmetic OEM products is reliable, you can look at the packaging first.  Under normal circumstances, cosmetic OEM manufacturers with word of mouth will use high-quality packaging materials, therefore, the surface of the high-quality packaging bottle is delicate and smooth, without scars and stripes, and the bottle mouth and the bottle body are closely matched.  Secondly, the printed text on the packaging bottle is clearly visible and there will be no typos.

Judging from the product itself, although it can be seen from the packaging bottle whether the cosmetics OEM manufacturer is making it with care, the more important quality judgment method should also be judged by observing the quality of the product itself. If it is an emulsion-like cosmetic product, the good quality product will have a fine texture, a fine consistency, and there will be no phenomenon of water milk separation and agglomeration.  In addition, the color of the product is consistent and delicate, there is no sediment left on the bottom of the bottle.

Judging from the smell, most of the cosmetics are light and fragrant, and the cosmetics produced by high-quality cosmetics OEM manufacturers will also have some fragrance, which usually comes from various raw materials of cosmetics, therefore, the taste is fresh and natural, not only will it not be too strong and pungent, but also there will be no unpleasant smell. Through the above three aspects, we can judge whether the products of cosmetic OEM manufacturers are of reliable quality. Generation processing is the production method of many cosmetics brands.  However, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of production, everyone must choose an efficient and professional OEM manufacturer for cosmetics, and we should first punch the plate sample to see if the quality of the product meets the requirements.                                

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