How to improve the cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer of PET bottle gas barrier performance

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
PET bottle has a strong applicability, which are widely used in household items, cosmetic packaging and other fields. From the mould processing to the machinery and equipment has strong critical, introduction to easy, do the difficult. Because of light weight, save sex good, emphasizes the heat resistance, pressure, and other functions of the technical trend make cosmetic packaging bottle cosmetics manufacturer of PET bottle today mainstream cosmetics packaging. Many need high temperature sterilization to fill drinks like flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, such as sports drinks and use PET bottle packaging, PET bottle peremptory has become the Lord of the cosmetic container packaging materials. PET bottle with low environmental pollution and energy wasting, in the rise of environmental protection consciousness gradually replace traditional packaging materials today. With its heat resistance, pressure, and other functions, close to replace the PVC bottles, aluminum cans, cans, glass bottles, etc. , become the growth potential of the packaging material. PET strength and elasticity significantly higher than that of other raw materials, for thin wall, qualitative light, intensity is high cosmetic plastic containers PET bottle has already been applied in our country for many years and rapid development momentum. In recent years has become the main liquid and solid packaging container. Applications in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, under the same charge volume, about 1/10 of the weight of glass bottle PET bottles; Also the diameter of the bottles, PET bottle of 1 is the capacity of the glass bottle. 5 times. Also can be made of PET raw material can be transparent or opaque brown bottles, color choice, elegant appearance. PET bottle gases trap basically has the following four ways: the improvement of the performance of the through the multi-layer co-extrusion technology processing, make have multilayer composite structure; Surface coating treatment; Add some gas capture agent; And the other has the blocking performance of material blending. Including multi-layer co-extrusion technology is successfully using the method, however, the improvement of the performance of the block is small, difficult to recycle at the same time, the cost is higher. Surface coating is used to improve the gas barrier performance of PET bottle of an emerging technology, can be very thin gas barrier property of the membrane, can effectively prevent gas molecules through the PET bottle wall, at the same time can solve the problem of recycling. Currently used by some of the coating material has stood the test of practice, including diamond carbon membrane ( 多明我会领袖会议) And oxidation silicon material is very popular in industry. Silicon oxide coating is used to improve the gas blocking performance of PET film is earlier than diamond carbon membrane. In the last century in the early 80 s, he began by physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition method for silica coating. Silicon oxide film is brittle, however, for the sake of attaining lasting mechanical strength in the PET surface requires relatively complex processing. In recent years, the diamond carbon membrane ( The amorphous hydrocarbons) Some coating on the surface of PET products in the market has emerged, to improve the gas barrier performance of PET bottle greatly. 437. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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