How to identify whether the samples provided by cosmetic manufacturers are good or bad?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-16
Many cosmetics processing factory customers find us and need us to provide corresponding samples before selecting products. The model is very important, and the subsequent production of large goods is determined according to your model. Can a brand customer find a lot of cosmetics OEM manufacturers to provide samples, so how to determine the quality of the samples provided? This is one of the important factors in choosing a cosmetic processing factory. Here are some methods for your reference. What needs to be stated is that these aspects are sufficient and unnecessary conditions. That is to say, products with these phenomena in cosmetics are not necessarily good. However, as a sample provided by the manufacturer, there is a certain phenomenon, it is definitely a good product. 1. Look at the ingredients: When the cosmetics OEM manufacturer provides the sample, ask it to provide the relevant ingredients, see what ingredients are in it, and the ingredients are the conditions for distinguishing a product, some of these components are also used for marketing. So you need to pay attention. 2. Look at the touch: absorption speed and product reputation. The more pure the product does not contain harmful substances, the more delicate the touch is, and the faster the skin absorbs. 3. Silver jewelry detection method: the main components of safe whitening and spotting products are arbutin and vitamin C, etc. Such products can only slowly and gradually improve skin quality. However, most of the so-called products that can whiten and remove spots efficiently contain lead and mercury compounds. If this product is used for a long time, it is likely to cause chronic poisoning of human body. Therefore, when purchasing whitening and spotting products, use the silver jewelry that you carry with you to take a small amount of skin care products. After a few minutes, draw a few lines on the white paper. If the traces are obviously gray-black, it indicates that this product contains lead and mercury and should be carefully selected. 4. PH test paper test method: Human skin is weakly acidic, so only weakly acidic skin care products can effectively protect skin. When purchasing skin care products, apply a small amount of products to the PH test paper. After a few minutes, compare the test paper color card. If the product is alkaline, it is not suitable for use. 5, cream product Fire Measurement Method: Put a small amount of cream products in a spoon, and then heat, if the cream is boiled into milk, and the taste is fragrant, it means that this product is safe. If splashing and smoking occur after heating, and the taste is choking and there is residue at the bottom of the spoon, it means that the mineral oil in the product exceeds the standard or is filled with Boride, which may cause harm to the skin after use. 6, water test emulsion method. Pour a small amount of lotion into the water. If the emulsion floats on the water surface, it means that if the emulsion floats on the water, it means that it contains oilstone ester. Oilstone ester can cause dry skin and clogged pores. If the emulsion sticks to the Cup, it means that the main component of the skin care product is mineral oil. As long as it is within the specified range, it will not affect the skin, but the protective layer formed makes the skin layer less breathable. If the lotion sinks into the bottom of the Cup, it means that the main component of the skin care product is heavy metal, and long-term use will cause a lot of damage to the skin. If the lotion blends with water, this is a safe skin care product that can be melted in the water, of course, will not cause damage to the skin. Gently shake the container. If the liquid turns milky white, it means that the emulsion contains emulsifier, which may damage the skin tissue structure and cause skin allergy. If the above is passed, the model provided by the cosmetics manufacturer is good.
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