How to identify good mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Cosmetics factory think good mask is relatively thin, permeability is good, can give the skin to breathe, does not increase the burden of skin. And the mask essence of membrane cloth load capability is strong, the skin can absorb more nutrients. On the other hand is a good break, in use process will not be material body or face cloth fall or bubble phenomenon. Mask production environment is an important processing cosmetic requirement is very strict to the environment, face film processing is no exception, degree of air clean production environment must meet the requirements, the staff into the workshop must change into clean clothes, and make the disinfection work. All products must be in accordance with GMP standard production workshop. Membrane cloth materials play a decisive factor a mask should have good joint degree and carrying capacity of the essence, the key factors and the selection of membrane cloth has a lot to do. At present the common facial mask material on market material from coarse to subdivided into non-woven fabrics, silk & amp; Three kinds of fibers and the face film, fiber is the most exquisite biological fiber, fiber can do 20 nanometers in diameter, what is this concept? A hair 1000 times thicker than biological fiber mask of fiber. And the traditional fiber non-woven mask about 100 times thicker than biological fiber mask. From bearing the essence of the degree, the bearing capacity of the biological fiber mask is much better than the ordinary non-woven, can absorb more moisture at the same time, also can keep the water longer. In terms of cost of biological fiber because of its harsh cultivation environment, higher cost a lot. The essence of the content also has exquisite conversations membrane cloth, to tell you about essence, actually on the market all kinds of mask will use different essence, composition, function, each has his strong point, is not to say them who good who bad, but usually notice that in the mask is best not to have the composition such as alcohol, fruit acid, mercury, hormone, lest cause stimulation to the skin.
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