How to identify an acrylic cosmetics container material quality

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
Differentiate yakeli cosmetics container material quality stand or fall of several methods, acrylic cosmetics container or articles about acrylic, organic glass, whether it is a process, or talked about a lot of process. But in this article will talk about the acrylic cosmetics container before acrylic processing craft, acrylic processing process of acrylic material selection problems. A good acrylic materials decided to a high quality of acrylic cosmetic containers, this is obviously, if you choose the inferior said acrylic materials processing of acrylic cosmetics container will deformation, yellow black or machined out of acrylic cosmetic container many defective products. All these problems directly with acrylic material is directly related to the choice. Zhongshan city, the plastic products co. , LTD. , in this to introduce some of the ways to judge quality of acrylic materials, for everybody to identify in the future. 1, the method of observation: this is based on the characteristics of acrylic material itself to determine a way, we can see in acrylic when the choose and buy acrylic sheet have faded a bit serious or gloss is not high, if there is this suggests that the acrylic quality is bad. In addition to this observation also can see the illustrations of the acrylic are consistent with the actual situation of acrylic, if can also judge that acrylic material is not normal. 2, pervious to light method: the principle of which is an acrylic high light transmittance and through the light is white, don't absorb light the derivative identification method of color, can be announced after the lights are white light through the yakeli that assumption found perhaps yellow blue color shows an acrylic quality not straight for the defective goods. 3, burning method: can use a small piece of yakeli combustion experiment was carried out, if the quality of acrylic acrylic soon burns explain. 4, contact method: see colour and lustre even when select material, pore, thickness, etc. Appearance, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, hand feels a sense of coagulate fat, see appearance is no small pores, if has the feeling of lime on the surface, look there will be a few small pores, as the material of calcium more patience is poor, do not recommend to use. 478. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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