How to 'gift' to please others already, also to please yourself?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19

the Chinese people have been giving gifts custom culture and, for many years that a tradition remained unchanged, that is because a gift: in essence is to face.

all in all, the gift is to face. Send cosmetics is already practical, also send face. That cosmetics should make what kind of gift, can quickly cut into the 'gift' scene?

giving certain gifts to end a friendship! So to master the necessary 'gifts', already can to please others, also to please yourself! How to let a person remember send makeup?

'IP traffic', higher value!

the so-called IP: actually sold is feelings and moved, feelings and moving is priceless, or: it is not allowed to ask price, ask to customs, just like a gift, embarrassed to ask price.

of course, the brand also know, what feelings must not, either set limit to sell, or limited-time sales, love is bought, do not love don't buy, overdue don't wait. Gifts, too, class, the price of the product, send mass rather than limited edition. So a lot of cosmetics manufacturer brands 'gifts' is often just a one-off custom processing, even sell again good, also won't increase production, but change the packing style, again looking for a new 'IP', cause the next round of detonation point!

for example: the tenth anniversary of Zhu Yilong box body care, once listed will quickly sold. It was flow stars, plus IP limited after the concept, elements and boost sales category, immediately into a product.

the hit drama 'grass' products!

the Internet age, together talking about all kinds of the plot of the play, and many look also find the products you need to go to the 'grass'.

for example 'delay jubilee strategy', 'ChuQiaoChuan' took a lot of fire mouth red, the since the media and the makeup of bloggers also follow suit grass, make similar or similar color number quickly sold.

the changan from birth can even produce all take, dried mint, fire persimmon niche agricultural products such as crystal as net play hit sales took off.

suddenly bring about or would like to have the 'fire crystal persimmon'

send these were recommended products 'grass', can cause more interaction between the giver and recipient, has a more direct role to the product sales, it is really easy to please others.

of course, want to send the cosmetics manufacturer to let a person remember, there are many ways, such as from the 'food', 'art' and 'man' and so on various aspects, make cosmetic gift to send more fun.

bring about such as the 'pure' boxes are worth amway

in general: the use of cosmetics for oneself, should be the pursuit of cost-effective, and practical, but take a gift of cosmetics, not only to luxury packaging, but also has a story, have a conversation, good embarrass me this beautiful fairy!

bring sorry has no problem of grass

XJ Beauty also help many cosmetics manufacturer brands have done boxes series, gift series, different customer's product architecture, packing style, price, etc are different, if you want to do the cosmetics 'gifts' best generation process, looking for us! Fix it for you a series of oh!

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