How to find a professional cosmetics OEM manufacturer cooperation. ( 2)

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
OEM besides alibaba platform still has a lot of B2B platform, such as your search baidu cosmetics OEM OEM generation of processing, there are so many cosmetics processing enterprises do website, search cosmetics OEM also has a lot of kind, no matter in which platform, online can choose out of cosmetics factory. Now alibaba, cosmetics market is relatively chaos, all kinds of chaos coexist phenomenon directly interferes with our value judgment. Alibaba is a distributor, wholesaler, brands, manufacturers, each wing infighting, grassroots for ecological database front-end development. So should start from the product, such as mask, you need to do the input mask to find OEM supplier, are all cosmetics company and the company's products, choose buy distance and trustpass, choose the mask factory did well, mask shipments, shop prestige good, compared to several shops to the samples. Sample comparison, at the time of choosing cosmetics factory, choose more a few for reference, comparison between samples, can filter out so do not pass the factory. Good sample, in the fine paste, paste, paste color smell, ductility and viscosity differences sub-item allocation, such as in product and price balance. The sample quality and capacity of the formula master very much. Selected the factory of the sample, you can go to the factory inspection, the formula of the teacher give you advice, so you according to your ability to experience judgment cosmetics master. Then hard to understand the enterprise software strength, management technology level and service attitude. Look at the company's 'business license', 'organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, the hygiene license, production license, now the enterprise in 2016 required the hygiene license, the joining together of two certificate, production license by the end of all cosmetics factory through the relevant formalities, and some of the new company for renewal of the old company' business license ', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate', three certificates. Products from a product brand trademark registration certificate and bar code of the products to the sales link to the sanitary inspection report, the quality inspection report. See brand partnership contract, this seemingly polite to ask, go back out, they're actually in the food and drug official website for the record information, brand for the record of cooperation ( With detailed record of the product, its composition, efficacy and other information) Brand partnership, I give some experience, the game is what, such as Beauty salon, online, wechat business: guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Go Beauty salon generally higher technical content, the characteristics of obvious effect, in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine with more, almost daily, overall demand better products, pay attention to immediate, breast enhancement to the do to lose weight. If it is a cosmetic retail, supermarket stores ( Super) Characteristics, such as low cost, technical requirements, supermarket retail packaging grade, factory in cosmetics manufacturer technology strength is not strong. If more wechat business customers, sales ability is strong, high packaging pretend bility, product characteristics, products span will be big, strong grasp the market direction, product requirements, function and not only, more the wording is greater than the product. In my opinion, to find one that fits your product idea, service good quality high integrity enterprise, suitable is the best. Field trips, before signing a contract, must be the intention of manufacturers to run a few times to see the factory environment, with an operations duration of cosmetics manufacturer factory, the factory, the longer the higher the familiarity of the factory, after all the old driver to lead the way and do not need to worry, look at the factory employees, look at the factory machinery and equipment, machine type, see you want to processing product according to the human and the machine can determine the factory production capacity, production capacity, how many judgment is easy, check machine production number, machine processing capacity per day can add the number of packages for several days, in case you are in when signing a contract fails to ship the goods according to the regulation time embarrassed, the most important thing is to see service attitude, a good corporate leadership ability, where people don't generally poor, birds of a feather flock together, birds of a feather flock together.
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