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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-06
How to filter the OEM processing plant < p> 2017 - 09 - 23 09:35:00 < / p> cosmetics factory in China, the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta cosmetics factory account for half of the total number of national cosmetics factory, if you are near these places, then go to the factory directly, if you are just not in the above said, then go to alibaba search cosmetics OEM, a lot of factories, according to the product information you want to see to find several suitable companies, make a phone call to ask, transverse comparison. Talk about the specific requirements, cosmetics factory is a veteran, a lot of sales skills, deep hole ( If you want to know how cosmetics factory about prices, direct messages I) Manufacturer of, the price has been sensitive to things, more kinds, in this table. 1, qualification to see the company's 'business license', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate, the hygiene license, production license, now the enterprise in 2016 required the hygiene license, the joining together of two certificate, production license by the end of all cosmetics factory through the relevant formalities, and some of the new company for renewal of the old company' business license ', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate', three certificates. Products from production to have the brand to the trademark registration certificate and the bar code of the products to the sales link to the sanitary inspection report, the quality inspection report. 2, cost to produce products according to you, see if your product is a special kind of cosmetics, domestic cosmetics, sanitary administrative license has nine categories, spot, sunscreen, hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness and deodorization etc. 9 class, whitening and repairing, in acne all belong to the tired products under nine categories, declare cycle expertise, 6 months is short, and complex process, in order to you can long-term cooperation and cosmetics factory, began to pay 20000 deposit, can get ten thousand deposit, that is the best, your annual order quantity is large, the deposit is to be returned to your factory, your order quantity is little, Output to see what appearance, talk about specific requirements for production, every company is different, you need to ask) , the money is for the record you use this card fees. 3, skill, see brand partnership contract, this surface politely ask, back out, they're actually in the food and drug official website for the record information, brand for the record of cooperation ( Have a detailed record of products above the information such as composition, effect) Brand partnership, I give some experience, the game is what, such as beauty salon, online, wechat business: first, go beauty salon generally high technical content, features obvious effect, in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine with more, almost daily, better overall quality products, pay attention to immediate, breast enhancement to the to do more to lose weight. Second, if it is retail, supermarket stores ( Super) Characteristics, such as cheap cost, technical requirements, supermarket retail packaging grade, factory in cosmetics technology strength is not strong. More than three, if wechat business customers, sales ability is strong, the outer packing pretend bility is high, product appearance, product span will be big, strong grasp the market direction, product requirements, function and not only, more the wording is greater than the product. In my opinion, to find one that fits your product idea, service good quality high integrity enterprises, appropriate is good. 4, compare the sample comparison, at the time of choosing cosmetics factory, choose more a few for reference, comparison between samples, factory can filter out so do not pass, good samples, in the fine paste, paste luster, color paste scent, ductility and viscosity, such as the difference between sub-item allocation, in price and product choice. Sample quality and capacity of the master formula has a lot to do, choose the sample of the factory, you can go to factory inspection, the formula of the teacher give you advice, so that you experience judgment according to your cosmetics industry's ability to master. Survey, field trips, before signing a contract, be sure to run on the intentions of companies several times and see factory work environment, with an operations duration of cosmetics factory, the factory of the time the factory, the factory of the familiar with degree is higher, the details will be perfect, after all the old driver to lead the way and do not need to worry, look at the factory employees, look at the factory machinery and equipment, machine type, see you want to processing product according to the human and the machine can determine the factory production capacity, production capacity, how many judgment is easy, check machine production number, machine processing ability of daily packaging plus the number of days, in case you are in when signing a contract fails to ship the goods according to the regulation time embarrassed, is the most important to see whether the service attitude, a good enterprise strong leadership, people don't usually go, content with group of points, a person with type. In terms of factory, detailed service to dig the details of the product, make the cooperation smoothly, customer experience is the most popular.
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