How to eradicate the cosmetics factory: illegal add?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
illegal add event emerge constantly in recent years. While in the countries to check under the situation of cosmetics manufacturer market situation gradually improving, but in a recent nationwide sampling, 2717 batches of acne removing products or detected 29 batch unqualified, and the problem is illegal add banned substances. How to eradicate the cosmetics illegal add? How serious is a, illegally added damage according to XJ understands Beauty cosmetics factory, ofloxacin and metronidazole, chloramphenicol and other antibiotic drugs, and mercury and glucocorticoids are banned substances. Administration announcement also stressed that the human long-term contact with ofloxacin and metronidazole, chloramphenicol antibiotics such as cosmetics, easy cause symptoms such as allergic contact dermatitis, antibiotics, easy to produce drug resistance; Drug residues can also lead to poisoning, allergic reactions, etc. In the spot product, mercury can be absorbed through the skin, and accumulate in the body, long-term use can cause chronic poisoning, damage the body organs such as kidneys. Long-term use of cosmetics containing glucocorticoid hormones can lead to facial skin produce the consequences, such as shading, atrophy thinning may also occur hormone-dependent dermatitis and other issues. Second, hard why it is not hard to see from this, illegally added has become the main reason for the cosmetics is unqualified. The emergence of illegally added in cosmetics today acm mask factory understand to be have a variety of reasons. One of the most direct reason is the enterprise product safety responsibility consciousness is weak. Our country has become the world's largest emerging cosmetic market. But due to the low entry barriers, especially the company registration cancelled limit of registered capital, cosmetics raw material, equipment, simple and easy, many small scattered phenomenon. Coupled with the influence of the traditional aesthetic idea, white spot, acne cosmetics manufacturer has always been a hot commodity, this kind of market competition become the focus of the vendor field, the sham as the genuine, mud and sand flow together, and so on and so forth. While for those bad companies illegally added cost is low, and can in a short period of time the consumer satisfaction effect on the skin, also can improve the item price, a bottom line. Cheap raw material add cost and product sales outstanding form contrast, illegal disable add a strong driving force. Second, illegally added is directly related with not rational consumption of consumers. Both in the spot and acne, is a process of slow skin repair. But a lot of consumer are in the pursuit of 'rapid powerfully once and for all. This is eager to change the white point of view, also gives undesirable businessman an advantage. In addition, some consumers excessive pursuit of the so-called good and inexpensive. Unqualified products are not well-known small production, the sale price is not too high. And the price is low, but also has special cosmetics 'wonders', is the part of the consumer psychology. Although domestic acne spot market booming, but rarely involved some international brand. Consumers also excessive pursuit of 'cheap', covet is cheap, also contributed to illegally added. The third is the relevant laws and regulations lag. At present, our country for the cosmetics of the main administrative supervision is based on 1989 promulgated the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' and in 1991 promulgated the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations, implementing rules', compared with more than 20 years of development by leaps and bounds, hairdressing cosmetic industry regulations have obvious lag, and it is necessary to reform the revision. Three, purify the market need more force to eradicate illegal to add, the first is to increase the intensity of punishment, crackdown on illegal behavior of the enterprise, the second is to be consumer education, cultivate correct concept of skin care consumers. And remember that cosmetics are not drugs, not may achieve immediate treatment effect, and often short time products with quick results add to disable the component of the probability is very high. Basic moisturizing, reasonable diet and good living habits, is the right way to maintain healthy skin, problems in a timely manner to the dermatology clinic, don't run from one product to show special, special is often behind the serious side effects. When consumer is buying the cosmetics must to normal market, large chain supermarket, cosmetics counters, such as formal channels, pay attention to the production label on the product packaging, production hygiene license number, do not superstitious false propaganda, do not leave an opportunity for criminals.
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