How to enter the cosmetics industry is engaged in the r&d and cosmetics OEM work

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
How to enter the cosmetics industry is engaged in the research and development work with cosmetics OEM many factories is cosmetics OEM work, so, this article will be useful to you. Note: cosmetics, not ordinary people as foundation, cosmetic products such as lipstick, but including skin care products, hair care, bath, deodorization, and even toothpaste and a series of category. For example to cosmetics technology research and development staff of hard, but compared with some overtime in the IT industry, is much less. And is the same cosmetic industry, foreign enterprises of the Marketing Department to work overtime time more than research and development department. When it comes to cosmetics product development reflects the high-tech is relative, although the success of the market can what certificate can you sell products, but consumers can purchase will be secondary to, even become a loyal customer, it still depends on the quality of the product, which is the r&d department work, not the this topic in detail. Some prospects about industry, cosmetics industry environment is not completely analysis: goes the: female afraid married the wrong lang, male fear into the wrong line. In front of this topic is not really incarnate the blog topic, only talk about it later. It can be seen that the ancients had already understand personal development and the environment has a lot to do, and are engaged in industry also is great. Walking in the way to adapt to the development of the market and industry, person have a good development, and vice versa. As in the CD player or film industry developers would have to change professions, and previous into these industries is not a good decision, because at least want to consider a career change! From the perspective of the market prospect of cosmetics, the domestic cosmetic consumption per capita is lower than the developed countries, market outlook is optimistic about a lot. Now the domestic cosmetics industry booming, as s, ninety s Japan or Germany. The cosmetics industry is higher than GDP growth has been for many years, is expected in the next 10 years, the domestic cosmetics market still can get higher than GDP development process. And cosmetic industry will not die, once consumers have formed a habit of using cosmetics, the lifetime will use cosmetics. Summed up down, this time into the line, though far less than ten years, twenty years ago, at that time, but still good market prospect in ten years, also won't die for a long time. Industry the present situation of r&d staff: with the current situation of industry, engaged in cosmetics technology engineering graduates with ordinary graduates salary, work after 3 ~ 5 years accumulated some experience to get 7 k ~ 13 k is the public's salary level, the higher the fixed number of year, the higher the degree, the salary will be higher a bit, of course. Foreign enterprise research and development of treatment will be higher, The above situation for the Shanghai area, due to personal and opportunity) 。 Although not well-paid profession, but wins in the research and development, compared to other large chemical cosmetics research and development of the working environment is relatively safe, after all the product is to give a person to use in the end. Of course, if enough rich experience in research and development background is good enough, at the same time also understand management, or marketing themselves, also can get good salary through research and development, such as a domestic cosmetics company is now recruiting senior formula, leave salary for 60 ~ 70 w, is the price of the heavy sales and management in China, the research and development of light cosmetics industry, corporation is willing to give developers to open such a salary, is one of the great progress, it is also a corporation development, start attaches great importance to the development of a performance. How to enter the industry technology research and development or cosmetics manufacturer OEM product development? Enterprises to people need to have some professional background, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology is the professional counterparts, but other related such as food, biology, environment is also not can not enter, because the professional basic course is almost at a university. But even if you learned these courses in university, also does not guarantee that you can enter the cosmetics manufacturer industry is engaged in the research and development work, because there are too many graduates across the country to learn these courses. Why you will choose? So, enter the cosmetics industry related school undergraduate or graduate curriculum provides a shortcut for graduating this year into the industry. Because of the cosmetics industry the most developed area in guangdong province, east China and other places, in the Beijing area also have some dominated the region advantage is not only a cosmetic formulation and technology of the development of cosmetics OEM or raw materials sales and technical support work. And more of the upstream raw materials development, and the international cosmetics research and development center of basic research work also needs to talents, biological engineering, materials technology and so on various professional personnel will also play an important role in the industry.
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