How to determine a good cosmetics OEM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Where to find cosmetics factory, cosmetics co-packer is really good? The problem for just entering the generation process of cosmetics on line friend is the primary consideration. Novice just do cosmetics OEM generation of processing, the quantity of products will not be too big commonly, large-scale processing plants generally higher threshold, accommodating service attitude not small factory, the price accounts for less than the initiative, a lot of small factory will be very enthusiastic answer your single, although way is a little wild, but read the following points, will let you find the right manufacturers, help you to sign the contract. If you want to OEM cosmetics, first to confirm the cooperation way, usually divided into several categories of branded cosmetics here simple said the OEM/ODM. 1、OEM( 原始设备制造商) Literal translation is 'original equipment cosmetics manufacturer, OEM relationship can be regarded as a kind of trade relations, respectively with the purchaser and OEM suppliers to call brand owners and OEM manufacturers, OEM of meaning, from the point of view of the purchaser, is outsourcing production and to have party products provided to the market, in the form of behavior; From to party's perspective, is according to the requirements of the purchaser and other brand products by the other party is responsible for the sales of trading mentality; Purchasers of sales channels and brand advantages and suppliers know advantages together constitute the whole competitive advantage, is the brand to provide the formula and processing technology, quality standards, with the help of factory equipment, personnel, sites and other resources for production, stick a brand mark, big companies like using this way, such as l 'oreal, procter & gamble, Johnson & Johnson, unilever, etc. , why? Because somebody else has the core technology, just don't want to invest, assets don't want to carry too much baggage. 2、ODM( 原始设计制造商) Literal translation is 'original design cosmetics manufacturer', ODM refers to a cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to design a product, in some cases may be targeted by other enterprises, which is the brand name for production, is the formulation and development, production and management shall be the responsibility of the factory, all brand only need business sales, generally used for small and medium enterprises, their lack of core technology, but also want to innovation; Understanding of enterprise software and hardware, management, technical level of China's cosmetics manufacturer factory, cosmetics factory in the pearl river delta and Yangtze river triangle stand half of the total number of national, if the customer in guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai, then go to the factory directly, if you are just not in the above said, that to alibaba search cosmetics OEM, a lot of factories, according to the product information you want to see to find several suitable companies, make a phone call to ask, do the horizontal comparison, talk about the specific requirements, cosmetics factory is a veteran, a lot of sales skills, deep hole, need careful, in this table. Field trips, before signing a contract, must be the intention of manufacturers to run a few times, see the company's 'business license', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate, the hygiene license, production license, now the enterprise in 2016 required the hygiene license, the joining together of two certificate, production license by the end of all cosmetics factory through the relevant formalities, and some of the new company for renewal of the old company' business license ', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate', three certificates. Products from production to have the brand to the trademark registration certificate and the bar code of the products to the sales link to the sanitary inspection report, the quality inspection report. According to you want to production product, see if your product is a special kind of cosmetics, domestic cosmetics, the sanitary administrative licensing has nine categories, spot, sunscreen, hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness and deodorization etc. 9 class, whitening and repairing, in acne all belong to the products under the nine categories, declare cycle expertise, 6 months is short, and complex process, in order to you can long-term cooperation and cosmetics factory, began to pay the deposit, your annual order quantity is large, the deposit is to be returned to your factory, your order quantity is little, Output to see what appearance, talk about specific requirements for production, every company is different, you need to ask) , the money is for the record you use this card fees. Also look at the factory working conditions, with an operations duration of cosmetics factory, factory factory and more time, the higher the familiarity of the factory, after all the old driver to lead the way and do not need to worry, look at the factory employees, look at the factory machinery and equipment, machine type, see you want to processing product according to the human and the machine can determine the factory production capacity, production capacity, how many judgment is easy, check machine production number, machine processing ability of daily packaging plus the number of days, in case you are in when signing a contract can't time of delivery in accordance with the relevant provisions of embarrassment, the most important to see whether the service attitude, a good enterprise strong leadership, people with low generally do not go, content with group of points, a person with type. Through the above analysis, do cosmetics OEM novice friends all know how to find the processing cosmetics manufacturers!
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