How to correctly use the mask, girls see come over

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
As the growth of the age, the girl with a film of face of more and more, one day a mask has become your daily, however, you find that you apply for so many mask skin but there was no better, but always long blain or oil. In fact, you just don't have to use the mask technique, the effects of different skin types to use different mask. 1, first select the appropriate mask, rather than expensive mask, when many people choose more casual, thought that their efficacy, little imagine, a big mistake. When people with the right does not necessarily you, so to work around or suitable. 2, if you are a blain blain, had better not use hydrating mask, it will make your skin more oil, you can buy some model of the mask, it couldn't be better if some cleaning effect. 3, suppose you are dry skin, hydrating mask is indispensable, moisturizing class can also be used, pay attention to it if the material of silk, it helps skin to absorb. 4, apply mask, mask isn't what you want to apply you can apply at any time, at the right time only in apply face film that makes it the most. Skin at night began to absorb nutrients, so at this point do maintain the better, the best time between 9 am at 8 p. m. Tips: do not think that feel the mask and moisture has been apply a, 15 minutes, shoulds not be too long. Don't apply face film everyday, it is very important point. And don't assume that apply the mask can rest assured sleep, should timely lock water oh, hurriedly put your water, milk, cream, wipe up, gently oh. Women like beauty is nature, maintain good skin comfort myself.
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