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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
How to correctly choose discharge makeup product and the correct method of discharge makeup < p> 2017 - 10 - 23 15:08:27 < / p> for makeup too often women, makeup is actually quite simple, but the knowledge about makeup too small, do you really understand, came with the cosmetics manufacturer OEM company below small make up to learn how to correctly choose discharge makeup product and the correct method of discharge makeup. A good makeup product, the first to pay attention to moderate, can thoroughly remove makeup, and not damage the skin's protective film. Against sweat, such as the oil type foundation, use facial cleanser, it is hard to wash it clean, wash many times will only make the skin injury. Next, want to know the makeup of myth. Prevent bask in the lessons all the year round to do well, but not necessarily means I use sunscreen after go home I will have to use discharge makeup product to clean up. You have to carefully look at the formula, if the formula contains waterproof, oily texture of the words, that can have to use discharge makeup product, otherwise ordinary like chemical sunscreen ingredients, clean with wash. However, in order to avoid some of the chemical composition to you face the stimulation, some also just as well you are conservative. Discharge makeup is excessive massage can cause wrinkles in your makeup taste really does not contain the effect of thin face! So you still save the massage strength, want to know how much a massage like you won't wash clean, but excessive pull and improper massage technique, also can cause your wrinkles. Even the dirt on your face was like you & other; Throughout the heart &; Massage again back to the skin, so is no makeup. 1, the discharge makeup oil is suitable for the cosmetics suit a crowd: discharge makeup oil is transparent and slightly sticky material, so in view of the MM for oily skin, can use less. It is only for regularization of the thick makeup women set up products. Discharge makeup oil nature of mineral composition and plants can remove facial makeup, while security without stimulation, but remember after discharge makeup, you can use a wash a face cleanser or gel thoroughly plot work! 2. Discharge makeup milk is suitable for the light make-up applicable people: thin crisp makeup milk, is to draw like light make-up and simple makeup MM people prepared to exclusive product. However, more suitable for dry skin and neutral. Use and want to separate with massage frost gimmick, remember that circular circle on the face, so that not only didn't wash face makeup look, can actually make makeup and penetrate into the skin, the effect not beautiful, not only to face increased burden.
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