How to choose the right cosmetics OEM/odm manufacturer? Must consider these aspects

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Many people don't know how to choose the right cosmetics OEM/odm manufacturer? Today XJ Beauty would tell you: cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer's performance in the following respects, the most important is: whether to have qualified production qualification certificate, production qualification certificate is a basic requirement, if no production qualification certificate, so these factories are operating without a license, in produce process to ensure product quality, product safety, customer use these products appear problem how to find the factory?

so cosmetics brands, looking for the cosmetics OEM/odm manufacturer, be sure to check production qualification certificate, whether under a cosmetic operation qualifications, qualifications of useful date and scope of operations, etc. Whether there is a professional production manufacturing plants, on-the-spot investigation cosmetics manufacturer OEM factory production workshop is very important, the nature of the production personnel, production line and the specification of the number of production equipment, production workshop and so on all embody the foundries producing ability, can also learn about the product of the material. XJ Beauty would like to welcome you to review and understand.

a powerful production workshop is an important part of the contract, it shall bear the liability of product quality, product quantity. If there's any outstanding after-sales service, the factory can supply one-stop cosmetics OEM/ODM service is to judge whether the enterprise has the strength of one of the specification, contract with professional after-sales service can make brands have no trouble back at home.

XJ Beauty can do: brands customer product after put on the market, after-sales service team will conduct product reaction surveillance, 24 hours to handle the product. Through summary analysis of market demand, irregular research and analysis, for customers to provide the customers with suitable products and brands to deal with the product.

how to choose the right cosmetics OEM/odm manufacturer? In addition to the above points, must consider these aspects:

1. The quality of the product, this will affect whether or not you can not to lawsuits, brand can healthy growth;

2。 Management level, this will save you some time and energy, superior management level will make you delivery of the goods in advance a lot.

3。 The scale of production, often the larger manufacturers, ability to let the price will be more;

4。 Market feedback, the product is recognized by the market, the production, can be realized.

create beauty research over 20 years experience in cosmetics OEM/odm production, welcome to review and understand!

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